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You cannot think how my feelings are alive towards you; probably, more than ever:  and they never can be diminished.  My hearty endeavours shall not be wanting, to improve and to give US NEW ties of regard and affection.

I have seen, and talked much with, Mrs. Thomson’s friend.  The fellow seems to eat all my words, when I talk of her and his child!  He says, he never can forget your goodness and kind affection to her and his dear, dear child.  I have had, you know, the felicity of seeing it, and a finer child never was produced by any two persons.  It was, in truth, a love-begotten child!  I am determined to keep him on board; for, I know, if they got together, they would soon have another.  But, after our two months trip, I hope, they will never be separated; and, then, let them do as they please.

We are all bustle and activity.  I shall sail, on Monday, after your letter arrives.  Troubridge will send it, as an Admiralty letter.  On Tuesday I shall be in the Downs, if we have any wind; and Troubridge will send, under cover to Admiral Lutwidge.

It is not my intention to set my foot out of the ship, except to make my take-leave bow to Admiral Milbank.  I have been much pressed to dine ashore:  but, no; never, if I can help it, till I dine with you.

  Eleven o’Clock.

Your dear letters just come on board.  They are sympathetic with my own feelings; and, I trust, we shall soon meet, to part no more!

Monday, I shall be here for letters; Tuesday, at Deal.  Recollect, I am, for ever, your’s; aye, for ever, while life remains, your’s, your’s faithfully,


I charge my only friend to keep well, and think of her Nelson’s glory.

I have written to Lord Eldon, the Chancellor, as my brother desired.

Pray, as you are going to buy a ticket for the Pigot diamond—­buy the right number, or it will be money thrown away.

For ever, ever, your’s, only your’s.

Kindest regards to my dear Mrs. Thomson, and my God Child.


  Deal—­[Shall be on board the Medusa
  before this letter go from the Downs]—­July
  31, 1801.


Did not you get my letter from Sheerness on Thursday morning, telling you I was just setting off for Deal; as I have no letter from you of yesterday, only those of Wednesday, which went to Sheerness?  It has been my damned blunder, and not your’s; for which I am deservedly punished, by missing one of your dear letters.  They are my comfort, joy, and delight.

My time is, truly, fully taken up, and my hand aches before night comes.

I got to bed, last night, at half past nine; but the hour was so unusual, that I heard the clock strike one.  To say that I thought of you, would be nonsense; for, you are never out of my thoughts.

At this moment, I see no prospect of my getting to London; but, very soon, the business of my command will become so simple, that a child may direct it.

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