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Naples, I fancy, is in a very bad way, in regard to money.  They have not, or pretend not to have, enough to pay their officers; and, I verily believe, if Acton was to give up his place, that it would become a province of France.  Only think of Buonaparte’s writing to the Queen, to desire her influence to turn out Acton!  She answered, properly:  at least, so says Mr. Elliot, who knows more of Naples than any of us; God help him!—­and General Acton has, I believe, more power than ever.

By Gibbs’s letter, I see, he has sent over about my accounts at Bronte.  He can have no interest in being unfriendly to me.  Why should he?  I want no great matters from him; and he can want nothing from me, that it is not my duty to give his Sovereigns:  therefore, why should he be against us!  For my part, my conduct will not alter, whether he is or not.

Our friend, Sir Alexander, is a very great diplomatic character; and, even an Admiral must not know what he is negotiating about:  although you will scarcely believe, that the Bey of Tunis sent the man at my desire.

You shall judge—­viz.  “The Tunisian Envoy is still here, negotiating.  He is a moderate man; and, apparently, the best disposed of any I ever did business with.”  Could even the oldest diplomatic character be drier?  I hate such parade of nonsense!  But, I will turn from such stuff.

You ask me, Do you do right to give Charlotte things?  I shall only say, my dear Emma, whatever you do in that way, I shall always approve.  I only wish, I had more power than I have!  But, somehow, my mind was not sharp enough for prize-money.  Lord Keith would have made twenty thousand pounds, and I have not made six thousand.

Poor Mr. Este, how I pity him! but, what shall I do with him?  However, if he comes, I shall shew him all the kindness in my power.

  October 22d.

The vessel is just going off.  I have not a scrap of news!  Only, be assured of my most affectionate regard.

Remember me kindly to Charlotte.  Shall always love those that are good to Horatia.  I will write her by another opportunity.

Remember me to Mrs. Cadogan.

You may be sure, I do not forget Charles, who has not been well;
Captain Capel is very good to him.

I am, ever, for ever, my dearest Emma, your most faithful and affectionate



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Lord Nelson’s Letters



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VOL.  I.






Letters OF LORD NELSON, &c.


See LETTER X. Page 29.

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