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Many thanks for Mrs. Nelson’s letters.

The Reverend Doctor likes going about.  Only think of his wanting to come up with an address of thanks!  Why, [the] King will not receive him, although he is a Doctor; and less, for being my brother—­for, they certainly do not like me.


  Amazon, October 20th, 1801.


Only two days more, the Admiralty could, with any conscience, keep me here; not that I think, they have had any conscience.

I dare say, Master Troubridge is grown fat.  I know, I am grown lean, with my complaint:  which, but for their indifference about my health, would never have happened; or, at least, I should have got well, long ago, in a warm room, with a good fire, and sincere friends.

I believe, I leave this little squadron with sincere regret, and with the good wishes of every creature in it.

How I should laugh, to see you, my dear friend, rowing in a boat; the beautiful Emma rowing a one-armed Admiral in a boat!  It will certainly be caricatured.

Well done, farmer’s wife!  I’ll bet your turkey against Mrs. Nelson’s; but, Sir William and I will decide.

Hardy says, you may be sure of him; and, that he has not lost his appetite.

You will make us rich, with your economy.

I did not think, tell Sir William, that impudence had got such deep root in Wales.  I send you the letter, as a curiosity; and to have the impudence to recommend a midshipman!

It is not long ago, a person from Yorkshire desired me to lend him three hundred pounds, as he was going to set up a school!

Are these people mad; or, do they take me for quite a fool?

However, I have wisdom enough to laugh at their folly; and to be, myself, your most obliged and faithful friend,


Best regards to Sir William, Mrs. Cadogan, and all friends.


  Amazon, October 21st, 1801.


It blows strong from the westward, and is a very dirty day, with a good deal of surf on the beach; but Hardy and Sutton recommended my going on shore this morning, as they believe it may blow a heavy gale to-morrow.  But, what comfort could I have had, for two whole days, at Deal?

I hope the morning will be fine:  but I have ordered a Deal boat, as they understand the beach better than our’s; and, if I cannot land here, I shall go to Ramsgate Pier, and come to Deal in a carriage.

Has Mrs. Cadogan got my Peer’s robe? for I must send for Mr. Webb, and have it altered to a Viscount’s.

Lord Hood wrote to me, to-day, and he is to be one of my introducers.  He wanted me to dine with him the 24th; but I’ll be damned if I dine from home that day, and it would be as likely we should dine out the 23d.

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