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It is, I thank God, only six days before I shall be with you, and to be shewn all the beauties of Merton.  I shall like it, leaves or no leaves.

No person there can take amiss our not visiting.  The answer from me will always be very civil thanks, but that I wish to live retired.  We shall have our sea friends; and, I know, Sir William thinks they are the best.

I have a letter from Mr. Trevor, begging me to recommend a youngster for him; but, none before your Charles.

Banti, I suppose, must return; but, at present, we know not what ships are to be kept in commission.

I have a letter from a female relation of mine.  She has had three husbands; and he, Mr. Sherstone, three wives.  Her brother, a Nelson, I have been trying, ever since I have been in England, to get promoted.  The last and present Admiralty promised.  I never saw the man; he is in a ship in the North Seas, forty-five years of age.

I have a letter from Troubridge, recommending me to wear flannel shirts.  Does he care for me? No; but, never mind.  They shall work hard, to get me back again.

Remember me, kindly, to Sir William, the Duke, and all friends; and believe me, ever, your most affectionate


Do you ever see Castelcicala?  He is a good man, and faithful to his master and mistress.


  Amazon, October 16th, 1801.


I send you a letter for Allen’s wife; and one for Germany, which I wish you would make Oliver put in the Foreign Post Office, and pay what is necessary.

I would send you the letter to which it is an answer, but it would be over-weight.  It is all compliments; and, the man says, it is all truth.

The wind is freshened cold, but very fine day.

Best regards to Sir William, Mrs. Cadogan, Mr. Oliver, and all friends.

For ever, your’s faithfully,


I have a letter from Reverend Doctor—­he is as big as if he was a Bishop; and one from the Bedel of the university, to say how well he preached.  I hope you ordered something good for him, for those big wigs love eating and drinking.


  Amazon, October 17th, 1801.


Although my complaint has no danger attending it, yet it resists the medicines which Dr. Baird has prescribed; and, I fancy, it has pulled me down very much.

The cold has settled in my bowels.  I wish the Admiralty had my complaint:  but, they have no bowels; at least, for me.

I had a very indifferent night, but your and Sir William’s kind letters have made me feel better.

I send you a letter from Lord Pelham.  I shall certainly attend; and let them see, that I may be useful in council as I have been in the field.  We must submit; and, perhaps, these Admiralty do this by me, to prevent another application.

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