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The Admiralty will not give me leave, till the 22d; and, then, only ten days.  What a set of beasts!

My cold is now got into my head; and I have such dreadful pain in my teeth, that I cannot hold up my head:  but none of them cares a damn for me or my sufferings; therefore, you see, I cannot discharge my steward.

And yet, I think, upon consideration, that I will send up all my things, and take my chance as to their sending me down again.  What do you think?  At all events, every thing except my bed.  I have table-spoons, forks, every thing; at least, I shall have, soon, two hundred pounds worth.

What a b——­ that Miss Knight is!  As to the other, I care not what she says.

My poor dear father is wrong.  But more of this, when we meet:  which will be Friday, the 23d, at farthest; if possible, the 22d.  But, the Admiralty are hard upon me.

I am sorry to hear, that you have been ill:  and my cold is so dreadfully bad, that I cannot hold up my head; and am so damned stupid that you must, my dear friend, forgive my letter.

Admiral Lutwidge is going to Portsmouth.  Sir William Parker is going to be tried, for something.

Make my kindest respects to Sir William; and believe me, ever, your’s most faithfully,


I have wrote a line to Merton.

Excuse my letter.


  Amazon October 16th, 1801.


It being a very fine morning, and the beach smooth, I went to call on
Admiral Lutwidge, and returned on board before ten o’clock.

Mrs. Lutwidge is delighted with your present.  Sutton, &c. were called forth to admire it.  She joins in abusing the Admiralty.  She pressed me very much to dine with them at three o’clock; but, I told her I would not dine with the angel Gabriel, to be dragged through a night surf!

Her answer was, that she hoped soon I should dine with an angel, for she was sure you was one.  In short, she adores you; but, who does not?  You are so good, so kind, to every body; old, young, rich, or poor, it is the same thing!

I called on poor Langford; who has a long time to look forward to, for getting well; he told me your goodness, in writing him a line:  and I called upon Dr. Baird; he disapproves of rhubarb, and has prescribed magnesia and peppermint:  and I called on Mr. Lawrence.  So, you see, I did much business in one hour I was on shore.

Civility to Lutwidge was proper for me; and, indeed, my duty.

The moment I got your letters, off I came, and have read them with real pleasure.  They have made me much better, I think; at least, I feel so.

I admire the pigs and poultry.  Sheep are certainly most beneficial to eat off the grass.  Do you get paid for them; and take care that they are kept on the premises all night, for that is the time they do good to the land.  They should be folded.  Is your head man a good person, and true to our interest?  I intend to have a farming book.  I am glad to hear you get fish; not very good ones, I fancy.

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