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spe’cies     ju di’cial     ac ces’sion
o’cean       lo gi’cian     com pres’sion
so’cial      ma gi’cian     de clen’sion
spe’cial     mu si’cian     ex pres’sion
cru’cial     tac ti’cian    im pres’sion
pre’cious    op ti’cian     op pres’sion
pas’sion     pa tri’cian    pre ten’sion
man’sion     phy si’cian    suc ces’sion
pen’sion     pro vin’cial   trans gres’sion
ten’sion     fi nan’cial    ad mis’sion
tor’sion     om nis’cient   con cus’sion

Lesson 134

Dictation exercises.

They propose to alter the place of the altar.  He cast his ballot for mayor.  The ballet dancer and the ballad singer arrived.  The wine seller lived in a cellar.  He said that the cymbal was a symbol of music.  They sent an arrant rogue on the errand.  His manner of conducting the manor did not suit the lord.  The prophet of Mammon foretold great profit.  The relics of the kingdom were saved by the relict of the king.  The stature of the statue of Liberty is fixed by statute.

Lesson 135.

rack, an engine of torture.   write, to make letters.
wrack, a sea-plant.           wright, a workman.
rap, to strike.               roe, eggs of a fish.
wrap, to roll together.       row, to impel with oars.
reck, to heed; to care.       rose, a flower.
wreck, destruction.           rows, does row.
rice, a kind of grain.        roes, plural of roe.
rise, increase; ascent.       sees, beholds.
rite, a ceremony.             seas, large bodies of  water.
right, not wrong.             seize, to lay hold of

Lesson 136.

Of affixes.

Many words are formed by adding something to the end of another word.  The added part is called an affix; as ly, added to man, forms manly.  In this, and the following seventeen lessons, the more common affixes are indicated.

Plurals formed by adding s to the Singular.

roofs       so’los    ty’ros     al bi’nos
hoofs       ha’los    jun’tos    me men’tos
scarfs      las’sos   can’tos    oc ta’vos
truths      ze’ros    quar’tos   si roc’cos

Plurals formed by adding es to the Singular.

ech’oes     to ma’toes     po ta’toes
car’goes    mu lat’toes    bra va’does
mot’toes    vol ca’noes    por’ti coes
grot’toes   mos qui’toes   vi ra’goes

Lesson 137.

Words in which f and fe are changed into ves in the Plural:  as, leaf, leaves; wife, wives.

beeves    lives    thieves   calves    our selves’
sheaves   wives    wolves    halves    them selves’
leaves    knives   loaves    shelves   your selves’

Words in which Y final is changed into ies in the Plural.

skies   la’dies     to’ries       gro’cer ies
spies   du’ties     can’dies      for’ger ies
cries   beau’ties   tro’phies     gal’ler ies

Lesson 138.

Words ending in Y which form the Plural by adding a.

toys    chim’neys   al’leys    at tor’neys
drays   val’leys    pul’leys   Sat’ur days
buoys   mon’eys     tur’keys   hol’i days
whys    jour’neys   mon’keys   cor du roys’

Words in which the Plurals are formed irregularly.  As the Plural only is given, the teacher might require the pupil to ascertain the Singular, and to spell it.

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