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if it is not, it will prevent the singer making beautiful, correct tones, or from voicing the beauty and exaltation of the music.  We know that evil thoughts react on the body and result in diseases, which prevent the singer from reaching a high point of excellence.  We must think right thoughts for these are the worth while things of life.  Singing teachers utterly fail to take the moral or metaphysical side into consideration in their teaching.  They should do this and doubtless would, did they but realize what a large place right thinking occupies in the development of the singer.

“One could name various artists who only consider their own self-aggrandizement; one is compelled to realize that, with such low aims, the artist is bound to fall short of highest achievement.  It is our right attitude towards the best in life and the future, that is of real value to us.  How often people greet you with the words:  ’Well, how is the world treating you to-day?’ Does any one ever say to you—­’How are you treating the world to-day?’ That is the real thing to consider.

“As I said a few moments ago, I have studied ten years on vocal technic and repertoire.  I have not ventured to say so before, but I say it to-night—­I can sing!  Of course most of the operatic tenor roles are in my repertoire.  This season I am engaged for fourteen roles at the Metropolitan.  These must be ready to sing on demand, that is at a moment’s notice,—­or say two hours’ notice.  That means some memory work as well as constant practice.

“Would I rather appear in opera, recital or oratorio?  I like them all.  A recital program must contain at least a dozen songs, which makes it as long as a leading operatic role.

“The ten years just passed, filled as they have been with close study and public work, I consider in the light of preparation.  The following ten years I hope to devote to becoming more widely known in various countries.  And then—­” a pleasant smile flitted over the fine, clean-cut features,—­“then another ten years to make my fortune.  But I hasten to assure you the monetary side is quite secondary to the great desire I have to do some good with the talent which has been given me.  I realize more and more each day, that to develop the spiritual nature will mean happiness and success in this and in a future existence, and this is worth all the effort and striving it costs.”




There is no need to say that Frieda Hempel is one of the most admired artists on the opera and concert stage to-day.  Every one knows the fact.  Miss Hempel has endeared herself to all through her lovely voice, her use of it, her charm of manner and the sincerity of her art.

[Illustration:  Photo by Alfred Chancy Johnston FRIEDA HEMPEL]

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