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“The second hour of my day is given to vocalizes.  Of course there are certain standard things that one must do; but there are others that need not be done every day.  I try to vary the work as much as I can.

“The rest of the day is given to study on repertoire and all the things that belong to it.  There is so much more to a singer’s art than merely to sing.  And it is a sad thing to find that so many singers lack musicianship.  They seem to think if they can sing some songs, or even a few operas, that is all there is to it.  But one who would become an artist must work most of the time.  I am sure Charles Hackett knows the value of work; so does Mabel Garrison and many other Americans.  And when you think of it, there are really a brave number of our own singers who are not only making good, but making big names for themselves and winning the success that comes from a union of talent and industry.”




“A man who has risen to his present eminence through determined effort and hard work, who has done it all in America, is a unique figure in the world of art.  He can surely give much valuable information to students, for he has been through so much himself.”  Thus I was informed by one who was in a position to understand how Morgan Kingston had achieved success.  The well known tenor was most kind in granting an audience to one seeking light on his ideas and experiences.  He welcomed the visitor with simple, sincere courtesy, and discussed for an hour and a half various aspects of the singer’s art.

“In what way may I be of service to you?” began Mr. Kingston, after the first greetings had been exchanged.

“There are many questions to ask,” was the answer; “perhaps it were best to propound the most difficult one first, instead of reserving it till the last.  What, in your opinion, goes into the acquiring of Vocal Mastery?”

“That is certainly a difficult subject to take up, for vocal mastery includes so many things.  First and foremost it includes vocal technic.  One must have an excellent technic before one can hope to sing even moderately well.  The singer can do nothing without technic, though of course there are many people who try to sing without it.  They, however, never get anywhere when hampered by such a lack of equipment.  Technic furnishes the tools with which the singer creates his vocal art work; just as the painter’s brushes enable him to paint his picture.


[Illustration:  MORGAN KINGSTON]

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