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“I will show you what we do for opera in Italy.  Here is an Italian musical journal, which I have just received.”  Mr. Martinelli took up a single-sheet newspaper which lay upon his desk.  “You will find all the large cities and most of the small ones reported here.  Accordingly, accounts are given of what works are being performed, what artists are singing and where, and how long each season will last.  Thus we can glance over the whole field and keep in touch with every singer.  Naturally, the time and length of the seasons of performance differ widely in the different places.  Thus a singer of reputation can make engagements in various places, then go from one town to another in a complete tour, without conflicting.

“I have had the pleasure of singing a number of seasons at the Metropolitan.  During the summer I do not always go back to Italy when the season is over here; last year I sang in Buenos Aires.  This keeps me at work the whole year.  Buenos Aires is a beautiful city, and reminds one of Milan.  Yes, I like New York.  It is more commercial, of course, but I have grown accustomed to that side of it.”

As the visitor was leaving, courteously conducted through the corridor by Mr. Martinelli, a small chariot was encountered, crammed with dolls and toys, the whole belonging to little Miss Martinelli, aged eleven months.

“Shall you make a singer of the little lady?” the artist was asked.

“Ah, no; one singer in a family is enough,” was the quick response.  “But who can tell?  It may so happen, after all.”




Anna Case, known from one end of our land to the other, in song recital, is surely one hundred per cent.  American.  She was born in the little State of New Jersey, and received her entire vocal training right here in New York City, of a single teacher.  No running about from one instructor to another, “getting points” from each, for this singer.  She knew from the first moment that she had found the right teacher, one who understood her, what she wanted to do, and could bring her to the goal.

And when one has discovered just the right person to develop talent, one should have the good sense and loyalty to stick to that person.  This is exactly what Miss Case has done, for along with other gifts she has the best gift of all—­common sense.  “Mme. Ostrom-Renard has been my only teacher,” she says; “whatever I am or have accomplished I owe entirely to her.  She has done everything for me; I feel she is the most wonderful teacher in the world.”

[Illustration:  ANNA CASE]

A life of constant travel and almost daily concerts and recitals, lies before Miss Case from early in the Autumn to the end of Spring, with but a few breathing places here and there, between the tours, when she returns home to rest up.

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