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Never mind the great Bashaw at the Priory.  He be damned!  If he was single, and had a mind to marry you, he could only make you a Marchioness:  but, as he is situated, and I situated, I can make you a Duchess; and, if it pleases God, that time may arrive!  Amen.  Amen.

As for your friend Lady H——­, she is, in her way, as great a pimp as any of them.

What a set!  But, if they manage their own intrigues, is not that enough!  I am sure, neither you or I care what they do; much less, envy them their chere amies.

As for Lord S——­, and the other, I care nothing about them; for I have every reason, by my own feelings towards you, to think you care only for your Nelson.

I have not heard of your receiving the little box from Naples; bracelets, I fancy, but I did not open them.

I wish the amorins may come in time for the conveyance of Captain Layman; who has, most unfortunately, lost his sloop:  he is strongly recommended, by the governor and garrison of Gibraltar.  But, perhaps, he may not be able to obtain it.

We have such reports about the King’s health, that the present ministry may be out; and, for what I know or care, another set may be no better, for you or me.

As for the Admiralty, let who will be in, they can neither do me any great good or harm:  they may vex me, a little; but, that will recoil upon themselves.

I hope, however, they will confirm Captain Layman; for he is attached not only to me, but is a very active officer.  But, it was his venturing to know more about India than Troubridge, that made them look shy upon him; and, his tongue runs too fast.  I often tell him, not to let his tongue run so fast, or his pen write so much.


  Victory, off Toulon,
  April 10th, 1804.


I have received all your truly kind and affectionate letters, to January 25th, by the Thisbe; and, last night, your letter of January 13th, by Naples.

The amorins will go under the care of Captain Layman; who, unfortunately, lost his sloop:  but, with much credit to himself, he has been acquitted of all blame.

I rejoice that dear Horatia is got well; and, also, that you, my dearest Emma, are recovered of your severe indisposition.

In our present situation with Spain, this letter, probably, may never reach you.  I have wrote fully; and intend to send them by the Argus, who I expect to join every minute.

Elphi Bey, I hear, has had all his fine things taken from him.  He escaped into the Desert, and is pursued; probably, his head is off, long before this time.

The French fleet came out on the 5th, but went in again the next morning.

Yesterday, a Rear-Admiral, and seven sail of ships, including frigates, put their nose outside the harbour.  If they go on playing this game, some day we shall lay salt upon their tails; and so end the campaign of, my dearest Emma, your most faithful and affectionate

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