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I approve of all you do in my absence; but it would be nonsense, and appear affected, to carry your scruples too far.  Divert yourself reasonably.  I am sure of your attachment to me, and I shall not easily be made to alter my opinion of you.

My cold is better, notwithstanding the weather.

I have no time to in’gler; so, adieu! my dearest wife.



P.S. Let Gasparo pay thirty ducats, for the vase, to D. Andrea.

By way of charity, we may give thirty ounces to that shabby dog, Hadrava; though he knows the picture is not worth more than ten at most.  His writing to you in such a stile is pitiful indeed.  You will often have such letters, if you do not tell him, now, that it is for once and all.


  Persano, Saturday,
  14th Jan. [1792.]


I have received a letter from Douglass; with one inclosed, from Mr. Durno; who, to my surprise, says, he has not received my order on Biddulph, Cockes, and Co. for one thousand five hundred and ninety pounds; which, you know, I sent from Caserta.

I find, in my book of letters, 20th of December, that I wrote, that day, a letter to Mr. Burgess, to deliver to Messieurs Biddulph and Co.—­to Lord Abercorn—­and to Mr. Durno, with the order inclosed.

Pray, send for Smith; and ask him, if he remembers having put such letters in the post, and let him inquire at the Naples post about them:  and let him send the inclosed, by Tuesday’s post, to Rome.

I certainly will not give another order until this matter is cleared up.  I fear some roguery.

We have had a fine day, and killed numberless boars; a hundred and fifty, at least.  I have killed four, out of six shot; and am satisfied, as one is a real monster—­the King, thirty—­D’Onerato, eighteen,—­and so on, the favoured shooters.

Vincenzo is rather better, but not able to serve me.

My best compliments to Alexander Hamilton.  You did well, to invite

Adieu! my sweet Em.  Ever your’s, in deed and in truth,



  Persano, Sunday,
  Jan. 15, 1792.

You did admirably, my Dear Em. in not inviting Lady A.H. to dine with the Prince; and still better, in telling her, honestly, the reason.  I have always found, that going straight is the best method, though not the way of the world.

You did, also, very well, in asking Madame Skamouski; and not taking upon you to present her, without leave.

In short, consult your own good sense, and do not be in a hurry; and, I am sure, you will always act right.

We have been at it again, this morning, and killed fifty boars; but were home to dinner, at one o’clock:  and this is the first dinner I have had, since I left you; for I cannot eat meat breakfasts or suppers, and have absolutely lived on bread and butter and tea.

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