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Vincenzo, they say, will be well in a day or two, as it is only a cold; I fear, it is more serious.

The King has killed twenty-one boars to-day, and is quite happy.

The Germans all drink tea with me every evening.  Lamberg is better.

Adieu, my ever dear Emma!  We are always in a hurry; though we have, absolutely, nothing to do, but kill, examine, and weigh, wild boars.

I assure you, that I shall rejoice when I can embrace you once more.  A picture would not content me; your image is more strongly represented on my heart, than any that could be produced by human art.

Your most affectionate husband,



  Persano, Thursday Night,
  [Jan. 12th, 1792.]

Never put yourself in a hurry, my dear Emma.

I have got your two kind letters.  Send for Gasparo; and give your orders, that the servants attend your call:  and let him discharge them, if they do not.  You are my better half, and may command.  Translate this part of the letter to him.

We have had good sport to-day, though the bad weather came on at eleven o’clock.  Fifty-four wild boars have been killed, I had seven shot; and killed five, three of which are enormous.  Dispose of the boar I send you to-day as you think proper.

I always thought Ruspoli a dirty fellow; but what has he done of late?

As to your mother’s going with you to the English parties, very well; but, believe me, it will be best for her, and more to her happiness, to stay at home, than go with you to the Neapolitan parties.

The King is in good humour to-day, as I foretold.  We continue to dine at eight at night, and have nothing from breakfast to that hour.  But I give tea and bread and butter, of which Prince Ausberg and Lamberg partake with pleasure.  The Prince, having no opportunity of making love, does nothing but talk of his new flame, which is Lady A. Hatton.  I put him right; for he thought she spelt her name with two rr, instead of two tt.

I rejoice at your having Aprile again; pray, tell him so:  for I know the rapid progress you will make under his care.

My cold is near gone.  The worst is, my room smokes confoundedly; and so do all the other rooms, except the King’s.

Adieu, my dear Emma!  Amuse yourself as well as you can; and believe me, ever, your’s alone, with the utmost confidence,



  Persano, Friday Night,
  [Jan. 13th, 1792.]

We have had a miserable cold day, but good sport.  I killed two boars, and a doe; the King, nineteen boars, two stags, two does, and a porcupine.  He is happy beyond expression.

I send you Charles’s letter; but do not lose it, as I will answer it when I return.  You see, the line we have taken will put it out of the power of our enemies to hurt us.  I will give up my judgment of worldly matters to no one.

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