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    Your’s, most truly,
      ALEX.  DAVISON. 
  Thursday Morning.




Yesterday, I wrote to you just in time to save the post:  but, whether that letter, or even this, reach you, I have my doubts—­if they do not, you have only yourself to blame; for I cannot, for the soul of me, make out the name of the place.  You have been in such a hurry, when writing it, that it really is not legible; and I do not sufficiently know Norfolk, to guess at it.

I did yesterday, as I shall this—­imitate your writing, leaving it to the Post-Office gentlemen to find it out.

I acquainted you, that I would take care to obey your wishes, and hold back your check on Coutts and Co. till such time as it would be quite convenient to yourself, and you tell me to send it for payment.

Your mind may be perfectly at ease on that score:  as, indeed, it may in every thing in which you have to do with me—­though we do, now and then, differ a little in trifles; but, not in essentials:  having one, only one, object in mind, that of the comforts, and ultimate happiness, of our dear—­your beloved Nelson; for whom, what would you or I not do?

What a world of matter is now in agitation!  Every thing is big with events; and soon, very soon, I hope to see—­what I have long desired, and anxiously [been] waiting for—­an event to contribute to the glory, the independency, of our Nelson.

I still hope, ere Christmas, to see him:  that hope founded on the darling expectation of his squadron falling in with a rich Spanish flotilla.  I think, too, that the French fleet will now come out.

I have written to our dear friend every information I have been able to collect, and have sent him a continuation of all the newspapers.

It affords me particular pleasure, to hear you feel so happy in Norfolk.  How is it possible it can be otherwise! seated, as you are, in the midst of the friends of your best friend; enjoying every kindness and attention in their power to shew to the favourite of their brother.

I shall be very much rejoiced, when you come back, to talk over very interesting objects which our dear friend will now have to pursue.

My best respects to your fire-side; and believe me, most sincerely, your’s,



  Saturday, 22d September 1804.


Ever obedient to your lawful commands, I have implicitly obeyed your orders, in the purchase, this morning, of Messrs. Branscomb and Co. four quarter lottery-tickets—­

{ No. 593.} { 10,376.} { 14,381.} { 20,457.}

Each, I hope, will come up prize; and be entitled to receive, at least, on the whole, twenty thousand pounds!  I paid eighteen pounds eight shillings for them; and I have written upon the back of each—­“Property of Lord Nelson, 22d September 1804.  A.D."

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