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You will say what is right to Mr. Perry, Newton, Patterson, Mr. Lancaster, &c. you know all these matters.  God in Heaven bless and preserve you, for ever! prays, ever, your’s most faithfully,



  Victory, June 10th, 1804.


I wrote to you, on the 6th, via Rosas:  this goes by Barcelona; to which place I am sending Sir William Bolton, to fetch Dr. Scott, who is gone there, poor fellow, for the benefit of his health!

I have just had very melancholy letters from the King and Queen of Naples, on account of General Acton’s going to Sicily.

The insolence of Buonaparte was not to be parried without a war; for which they are unable, if unassisted.

I have letters from Acton, May 28, on board the Archimedes, just going into Palermo.  He will probably return to Naples, unless new events arise:  and that may be; for a minister, once out, may find some difficulty in renewing his post.  He has acted with great and becoming spirit.

I am better, but I have been very unwell.  It blows, here, as much as ever.  Yesterday was a little hurricane of wind.

I dare say, Prince Castelcicala knows it by express; if not, you may tell him, with my best respects.  He, and every one else, may be sure of my attachment to those good sovereigns.  By this route, I do not choose to say more on this subject.

With my kindest regards to Horatia and your good mother, Charlotte, Miss C. and all our friends, believe me, my dear Emma, for ever, your most faithful and affectionate


I fear, Sardinia will be invaded from Corsica before you get this letter.  I have not small ships to send there, or any where else; not in the proportion of one to five.

You may communicate this to Mr. Addington, if you think that he does not know it; but, to no one else, except Castelcicala, of what relates to Naples.

I have very flattering letters from the Grand Vizier, in the name of the Sultan; and from Cadir, now Capitan Pacha.


  Victory, July 1st, 1804.

Although I have wrote you, my dearest Emma, a letter, by Rosas, of June 27th, not yet gone, the weather being so very bad, that ships cannot get across the Gulph of Lyons, yet I will [not] miss the opportunity of writing by Gibraltar.

You must not, my Emma, think of hearing from me by way of Malta; it takes as long to send a letter to Malta, as to England.

The Monmouth, which you complain of not hearing by, I knew nothing of her movements for some months before.  The ships from Malta, with the convoys, pick up our letters at Gibraltar.  Therefore, do not hurt my feelings, by telling me that I neglect any opportunity of writing.

Your letters of April 13th, 22d, and May 13th, through Mr. Falconet, came safe, a few days ago.  Mr. Falconet is the French banker; and he dare not buy a little macaroni for me, or let an Englishman into his house.

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