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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 74 pages of information about Object Lessons on the Human Body.

For primary classes.


1.  Close both hands.

2.  Raise the forefinger of the right hand, as the index or pointing finger.

3.  Place the index finger upon the lower thumb joint of the left hand.

4.  Draw the index finger down to the wrist, over the bone between the thumb knuckle and the wrist, and count “One.”

5.  Place the index finger on the knuckle of the first finger.

6.  Draw the index finger down to the wrist, over the bone leading from the first finger to the wrist, and count “Two.”

7.  So on, for each of the three other bones of the hand.  Repeat until no mistake is made in touching or counting.


1.  Raise the thumb, and place the index finger of the right hand on the middle of the upper part of the thumb for bone “Six”; then

2.  On the lower part of the thumb for bone “Seven.”  Repeat from the beginning, until the children can touch and count each bone properly.


1.  Keep the thumb erect; raise the first finger of the left hand.

2.  Place the index finger on the bone between the tip and the first joint of the first finger for bone “Eight.”

3.  Between the first and middle joint for bone “Nine.”

4.  Between the middle and third joint for bone “Ten.”  Review, from the beginning, until the class can touch and count every bone as directed.


1.  Keep the thumb and forefinger erect; raise the second finger and touch, as in the lesson on the first finger bones, “Eleven,” “Twelve,” and “Thirteen.”  Review.

2.  Proceed in the same manner for the third and fourth fingers, always beginning with the bone nearest the tip of the finger, and touching that at the lowest part last.

If the exercise has been properly performed, every child will say “Nineteen” as its index finger touches the lowest bone of the little finger, and all the fingers of every left hand will be outspread.

* * * * *


Of the head
Skull 8
Face, including the lower jaw 14
Tongue 1
Ears 8
of the trunk
Spine 24
Ribs 24
Breastbone 8
Shoulder blades 2
Collar bones 2

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