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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 74 pages of information about Object Lessons on the Human Body.


What are the muscles?—­“The lean flesh of the body; bands and bundles of fleshy threads which cover the body.”

Of what use are the muscles to the body?—­“They cover the bones; they support and move the bones and different parts of the body.”

Name some parts of the body which are made of muscles.—­“The eyeballs, the eyelids, the tongue, the heart, the lungs.”

What color are the muscles?—­“Red.”

How do the muscles move the bones?—­“By shortening or lengthening themselves according to the way the bones are to be moved.”

Tell how the muscles move your arm at the elbow.—­“The muscles in the front part of the arm shorten themselves, to draw my fore-arm toward the shoulder; when I wish to stretch out the fore-arm these muscles lengthen, while another set of muscles shorten, to draw the fore-arm away from the upper arm.”

What do you say about the muscles because they have the power to shorten and lengthen themselves?—­“They are elastic.”

About how many muscles are there in your whole body?—­“About four hundred and fifty.”

How may these be divided as you study about them?—­“They may be divided into the muscles of my head, the muscles of my trunk, and the muscles of my limbs.”

Of what use are the muscles of your head?—­“They cover and move the parts of my head and face.”

Of what use are the muscles of your trunk?—­“They move the parts of my neck and trunk.”

Of what use are the muscles of your limbs?—­“They move the parts of my arms and legs.”

How can you make your muscles strong?—­“By using them.”

How can you make your muscles weak?—­“By not using them.”

What is necessary to make your muscles strong and healthy?—­“They must be used; they must be rested when tired; they must be supplied with pure blood.”

How should the muscles be used?—­“They should be exercised in work or play.”

How may they be rested?—­“I may rest my muscles by changing position; by changing my kind of work or play; or by going to sleep.”

Explain what you mean by changing your position.—­“If I am standing, I must sit or lie down to rest them; if they are tired, because I have been sitting too long, I must rest them by standing, walking, or running.”

What do you mean by changing the kind of work or play?—­“If, in my work or play, my arms become tired, I must do something in which my arms may rest, though other parts of my body may be in exercise.”

How may you help supply your muscles with good blood?—­“By breathing pure air; by taking wholesome food and drink; and by living in the sunlight.”

How does drinking alcoholic liquors hurt the muscles?—­“It makes them weak, and unfit to move the parts of the body.”

What wonderful muscle moves without your will?—­“The heart.”

How does alcohol hurt the heart?—­“It makes it beat too fast.”

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