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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 74 pages of information about Object Lessons on the Human Body.

What do you mean by forming?—­“Making.”

What do you mean by upright?—­“In a vertical position.”

What do you mean by flexible?—­“Easily bent.”

What do you mean by column?—­“A pillar.”

What do you mean by erect?—­“In a vertical position.”

Why is cartilage placed between the bones of the spine?—­“To make the spine flexible; to keep the brain from injury when we walk or run.”

What do you mean by elastic?—­“Springing back after having been stretched, squeezed, twisted, or bent.”

Tell about your ribs.—­“My ribs are curved, strong, and light.”

Where are your ribs?—­“On each side of my trunk.”

How many ribs have you?—­“Twenty-four; twelve on each side.”

How are your ribs fastened?—­“At the back to my spine; in front to my breastbone.”

What do your ribs form?—­“A hollow place for my heart, lungs, and stomach.”

Where are your shoulder blades?—­“In the upper part of my back.”

What shape are they?—­“Flat, thin, and like a triangle.”

Of what use are your shoulder blades?—­“For my arms to rest upon.”

Point to your collar bones.

Where are they fastened?—­“To my shoulder blades and my breastbone.”

Of what use are your collar bones?—­“They keep my arms from sliding too far forward.”

Of what are your bones made?—­“Of food after it has been changed into blood.”

Why should you eat wholesome food?—­“That my bones may be strong and healthy.”

How does impure air hurt the bones?—­“Impure air makes bad blood, and bad blood makes poor bones.”

Why should you sit and stand erect?—­“Because my bones are easily bent out of shape; if I do not sit and stand erect, they will grow crooked.”

Why is it wrong to wear tight clothing?—­“Because tight clothing crowds the bones out of shape.”

Whose bones are the more brittle, those of a child, or those of an old person?—­“Those of an old person.”

What do you mean by brittle?—­“Easily broken.”

Whose are the more flexible?—­“Those of a child.”

What do you mean by flexible?—­“Easily bent.”

What repairs the worn out bones, flesh, and skin of the body?—­“The blood.”

What do you mean by repairs?—­“Mends.”

What causes the bones, flesh, and skin of your body to change often?—­“The bones, flesh, and skin are always wearing out, and the blood is always building and repairing them again.”

What are alcoholic liquors?—­“Liquors which have alcohol in them.”

Name some alcoholic liquors.—­“Beer, wine, rum, etc.”

Whose bones mend the more easily when broken, the bones of those who drink alcoholic liquors, or those of the people who do not use these poisons?—­“The bones of those who do not use alcoholic liquors.”

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