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Of what color is the iris?—­“Sometimes blue, sometimes brown, sometimes gray.”

Does the iris always appear the same in size?—­“It does not:  sometimes it looks large, sometimes small.”

When is it the largest?—­“When it rolls over the pupil to keep out the strong light.”

When is it the smallest?—­“When it rolls backward, to let light into the pupil.”

When is the pupil the largest?—­“When we are in the dark.”

When is the pupil the smallest?—­“When we are in a bright light.”

What color is the eyeball?—­“White.”

What shape is the eyeball?—­“Round like a ball.”

How is the eyeball held in its socket?—­“By cords made of flesh.”

Where are the eyebrows?—­“Above the eyelids.”

Of what use are the eyebrows?—­“To keep the perspiration from rolling into the eyes.”

Where are the eyelids?—­“Over the eyes.”

Of what use are they?—­“They cover the eyes and keep them from getting hurt.”

Where are the eyelashes?—­“On the edges of the eyelids.”

Of what use are the tears?—­“They keep the eyes clean; they make the eyes move easily in their sockets.”

Where are the tears made?—­“Back of the eyebrows.”

When do the tears wash the eyes?—­“Every time we wink our eyelids.”

* * * * *


Name the parts of the ear.

Where are your ears?—­“On the sides of my head.”

Which is the rim of the ear?—­“The edge of the ear.”

Which is the flap of the ear?—­“The lower part of the ear.”

Where is the drum of the ear?—­“Inside of the ear.”

How is the drum protected?—­“By stiff hairs and a bitter wax at its entrance.”

* * * * *


Where is the nose?—­“In the middle of the face.”

Name the parts of the nose.

Where is the tip of the nose?—­“At the end of the nose.”

Where is the bridge of the nose?—­“At the top of the nose, between the eyes.”

Where is the cartilage?—­“In the middle of the inside of the nose.”

Of what use is the nose?—­“To smell and breathe through.”

What are the nostrils?—­“The openings inside of the nose.”

Of what use are the nostrils?—­“To let the air into and out of the opening back of the mouth.”

* * * * *


Where is the mouth?—­“In the lower part of the face, between the nose and the chin.”

Of what use is the mouth?—­“To breathe, speak, and eat through.”

What is in the mouth?—­“My tongue, my upper teeth, my lower teeth, and my upper and lower jaws.”

What covers the jaws?—­“Red flesh, called gum.”

Of what are the jaws composed?—­“Of bones.”

Of what are the teeth made?—­“Of dentine, covered with enamel.”  See note, p. 19.

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