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[12] It is highly probable that there are several small islands or rocks
    in the vicinity of this track, the discovery of which would at least
    benefit navigation.  Thus we are told by Captain Krusenstern, an
    authority to which we are always glad to appeal, that he saw in
    latitude 17 deg., and longitude 169 deg. 30’, an extraordinary number of
    birds, that hovered round his ship in flocks of upwards of a hundred,
    from which he inferred his having passed near some island, which
    served as a resting place for them.  In confirmation of this opinion,
    he informs us, that La Perouse in 1786, and an English merchantman in
    1796, discovered west of the Sandwich Islands, the first in the
    parallel of 22 deg., and the latter in that of 18 deg., two small rocky
    islands both extremely dangerous; and that the Nero in her passage
    from America to China in 1805, found near this place a very dangerous
    sand island, viz. in 173 deg. 35’ 45” W., and 26 deg. 2’ 48” N. It is perhaps
    to be regretted, that Krusenstern, who, a few days after the date of
    the remark now quoted, crossed Captain Clerke’s course, should have so
    resolutely endeavoured, as he says he did, and that too with tolerable
    success, not to approach the track of that officer nearer than by a
    hundred or a hundred and twenty miles.  It is evident, that, within a
    smaller distance, he might have made some useful discovery, without,
    in any measure, endangering his own reputation, as a mere follower in
    the footsteps of others.  Here it may be added, that his course was
    more northerly than Clerke’s, and that he did not experience any of
    those swells so soon complained of by Captain King.—­E.

[13] Voyages made by the Russians from Asia to America, &c., translated
    from the German, by T. Jeffereys, p. 37.

[14] It hath since appeared, from the Account of Kerguelen’s Voyage, that
    this extraordinary person, who had entered into the French service,
    was commander of a new settlement at Madagascar, when Kerguelen
    touched there in 1774.


Scarcity of Provisions and Stores at the Harbour of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.—­A Party set out to visit the Commander at Bolcheretsk.—­Passage up the River Awatska.—­Account of their Reception by the Toion of Karatchin.—­ Description of a Kamtschadale Dress.—­Journey on Sledges.—­Description of this Mode of Travelling.—­Arrival at Natcheekin.—­Account of Hot Springs.—­Embark on the Bolchoireka.—­Reception at the Capital.—­Generous and hospitable Conduct of the Commander and the Garrison.—­Description of Bolcheretsk.—­Presents from the Commander.—­Russian and Kamtschadale Dancing.—­Affecting Departure from Bolcheretsk.—­Return to Saint Peter and Saint Paul’s, accompanied by Major Behm, who visits the Ships.—­Generosity of the Sailors.—­Dispatches sent by Major Behm to Petersburg.—­His Departure, and Character.

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