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Improper Conduct of Captain Cheap.  The Indians join us in a friendly Manner, but depart presently on account of the Misconduct of our Men.  Our Number dreadfully reduced by Famine.  Description of the various Contrivances used for procuring Food.  Further Transactions.  Departure from the Island.

  IV.  Occurrences on our Voyage.  We encounter bad Weather and various
  Dangers and Distresses.  Leave a Part of our Crew behind on a desert
  Shore.  A strange Cemetry discovered.  Narrow Escape from Wreck.  Return to
  Mount Misery.  We are visited by a Chanos Indian Cacique, who talks
  Spanish, with whom we again take our Departure from the Island.

V. Navigation of the River.  One of our Men dies from Fatigue.  Inhumanity of the Captain.  Description of our Passage through a horrible and desolate Country.  Our Conductor leaves us, and a Party of our Men desert with the Boat.  Dreadful Situation of the Remainder.  The Cacique returns.  Account of our Journey Overland.  Kindness of two Indian Women.  Description of the Indian Mode of Fishing.  Cruel Treatment of my Indian Benefactress by her Husband.

  VI.  The Cacique’s Conduct changes.  Description of the Indian Mode of
  Bird-fowling.  Their Religion.  Mr Elliot, our Surgeon, dies.  Transactions
  on our Journey.  Miserable Situation to which we are reduced.

VII.  We land on the Island of Chiloe.  To our great Joy we at length discover Something having the Appearance of a House.  Kindness of the Natives.  We are delivered to the Custody of a Spanish Guard.  Transactions with the Spanish Residents.  Arrival at Chaco.  Manners of the Inhabitants.
VIII.  Adventure with the Niece of an old Priest at Castro.  Superstition of the People.  The Lima Ship arrives, in which we depart for Valparaiso, January 1743.  Arrival at and Treatment there.  Journey to Chili.  Arrival at St. Jago.  Generous Conduct of a Scotch Physician.  Description of the City and of the People.
IX.  Account of the Bull Feasts and other Amusements.  Occurrences during nearly two Years Residence.  In December, 1744, we embark for Europe in the Lys French Frigate.  The Vessel leaky.  Dangerous Voyage.  Narrow Escape from English Cruizers.  Arrival in England.  Conclusion

Appendix, No.  II.  Bulkeley’s narrative.




Captain king’s journal of the transactions on returning to the Sandwich islands.


General Account of the Sandwich Islands.—­Their Number, Names, and Situation.—­Owhyhee.—­Its Extent, and Division into Districts.—­Account of its Coasts, and the adjacent Country.—­Volcanic Appearances.—­Snowy Mountains.—­Their Height determined.—­Account of a Journey into the Interior Parts of the Country.—­Mowee.—­Tahoorowa.—­Morotoi.—­Ranai.—­ Woahoo.—­Atooi.—­Oneeheow.—­OBEEHOUA.—­Tahoora.—­Climate.—­Winds.—­ Currents.—­Tides.—­Animals and Vegetables.—­Astronomical Observations.[1]

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