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Vessels.  Driven off the Coast by contrary Winds.  Extraordinary Effect of Currents.  Steer for the Bashees.  Pass large Quantities of Pumice Stone.  Discover Sulphur Island.  Pass the Pratas.  Isles of Lema, and Ladrone Island.  Chinese Pilot taken on board the Resolution.  Journals of the Officers and Men secured.
IX.  Working up to Macao.  A Chinese Comprador.  Sent on Shore to visit the Portuguese Governor.  Effects of the Intelligence we received from Europe.  Anchor in the Typa.  Passage up to Canton.  Bocca Tygris.  Wampu.  Description of a Sampane.  Reception at the English Factory.  Instance of the suspicious Character of the Chinese.  Of their Mode of trading.  Of the City of Canton.  Its Size.  Population.  Number of Sampanes.  Military Force.  Of the Streets and Houses.  Visit to a Chinese.  Return to Macao.  Great Demand for the Sea-Otter Skins.  Plan of a Voyage for opening a Fur-Trade on the Western Coast of America, and prosecuting further Discoveries in the Neighbourhood of Japan.  Departure from Macao.  Price of Provisions in China.
X. Leave the Typa.  Orders of the Court of France respecting Captain Cook.  Resolutions in consequence thereof.  Strike Soundings on the Macclesfield Banks.  Pass Pulo Sapata.  Steer for Pulo Condore.  Anchor at Pulo Condore.  Transactions during our Stay.  Journey to the principal Town.  Receive a Visit from a Mandarin.  Examine his Letters.  Refreshments to be procured.  Description, and present State of the Island.  Its Produce.  An Assertion of M. Sonnerat refuted.  Astronomical and Nautical Observations.
XI.  Departure from Pulo Condore.  Pass the Straits of Banca.  View of the Island of Sumatra.  Straits of Sunda.  Occurrences there.  Description of the Island of Cracatoa.  Prince’s Island.  Effects of the Climate of Java.  Run to the Cape of Good Hope.  Transactions there.  Description of False Bay.  Passage to the Orkneys.  General Reflections.

Vocabulary of the Language of Nootka, or King George’s Sound.  April, 1778.

Table to shew the Affinity between the Languages Spoken at Oonalashka and Norton Sound, and those of the Greenlanders and Esquimaux.

Appendix, No.  I. Byron’s narrative.

  The Author’s Preface.

Chapter I. Account of the Wager and her Equipment.  Captain Kid’s Death.  Succeeded by Captain Cheap.  Our Disasters commence with our Voyage.  We lose Sight of our Squadron in a Gale of Wind.  Dreadful Storm.  Ship strikes.
II.  We land on a wild Shore.  No Appearance of Inhabitants.  One of our Lieutenants dies.  Conduct of a Part of the Crew who remained on the Wreck.  We name the Place of our Residence Mount Misery.  Narrative of Transactions there.  Indians appear in Canoes off the Coast.  Description of them.  Discontents amongst our People.
III.  Unfortunate Death of Mr Cozens. 
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