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TABLE to shew the Affinity between the Languages spoken at Oonalashka and
Norton Sound, and those of the Green landers and Esquimaux.

English.   Oonalashka.  Norton Sound.  From Grants.  Esquimaux.
A man       Chengan                      Angut.
A woman     Anagogenach.
The head    Kameak                                    Ne-aw-cock.
The hair    Emelach        Nooit                      Newrock.
The eye-brow Kamlik        Kameluk                    Coup-loot.
The eye     Dhac           Enga                       Ehich.
The nose    Anosche        Ngha                       Cring yauk.
The cheek   Oolooeik       Oollooak                   Ou-lu uck-cur.
The ear     Tootoosh       Shudeka                    Se-u-teck.
The lip     Adhee          Hashlaw.
The teeth   Agaloo.
The tongue  Agonoc.
The beard   Engelagoong    Oongai.
The chin    Ismaloch       Tamluk                     Taplou.
The neck    Ooioc                                     Coon-e-soke.
The breast  Shimsen                                   Suk-ke-uck.
The arm     Toolak         Dallek                     Telluck.
The hand    Kedhachoonge   Aishet                     Alguit.
The finger  Atooch.
The nails   Cagelch        Shetooe.
The thigh   Cachemac       Kookdoshac.
The leg     Ketac          Kanaiak                    Ki-naw-auk.
The foot    Ooleac         Etscheak                   E-te-ket.
The sun     Agadac         Maje                       Suck-ki much.
The moon    Toogedha.                                  Tac-cock.
The sky     Enacac.
A cloud     Aiengich.
The wind    Caitchee.
The sea     Alaooch        Emai                       Ut-koo-tuk-
Water       Tangch         Mooe.
Fire        Keiganach                                 E-ko-ma.
Wood        Hearach.
A knife     Kamelac.
A house     Oolac                        Iglo         Tope-uck.
A canoe     Eakeac         Caiac         Kaiak        Kirock.
A paddle    Chasec         Pangehon      Pautik       Pow.
Iron        Comeleuch      Shawik.                     Shaveck.
A bow       Seiech.                                    Petick sic.
Arrows      Agadhok.                                   Caukjuck.
Darts       Ogwalook                     Aglikak.
A fish-hook Oochtac.
No          Net          Ena            Nag.
Yes, or yea Ah         Eh             Illisve.
One         Taradac      Adowjak        Attousek      Attouset.
Two         Alac         Aiba           Arlak         Mardluk.
Three       Canoogn      Pingashook     Pingaguah     Pingasut.
Four        Sechn        Shetamik       Sissamat      Sissamat.
Five        Chang        Dallamix       Tellimat      Tellimat.

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