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Robert Kerr (writer)
This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 661 pages of information about A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 17.
Tassyai, A door
Ai, and aio, Yes
Wook, or Wik, No
Wik ait, None, not any
Macook, To barter
Kaeeemai, or kyomai Give me some more of it
Kootche, or kotche To paddle
Aook, or chiamis, To eat, to chew
Topalszthl, or The sea.
Oowhabbe, A paddle
Shapata, or shapitz, A canoe.
   or chapas,
Tawailuck, White bugle beads
Seekemaile, Iron, or metal of any sort
Ahkoo, or ahko, This
Kaa, or kaa chelle, Give it me, let me look at it,
                                  or examine it
Wook hak Will he not do it
Ma, or maa, Take it
Chakeuk, A hatchet, or hacking tool
Eetche, or abeesh, Displeasure
Hahoome, or haooma, Food
Takho, Bad.  This iron is bad, takho seekemaile. 
Chelle, I, me
Kaeeo, Broken
Alle, or alla, (Speaking to one) Friend; hark ye
Klao appe, or klao, Keep it; I’ll not have it
Asko, Long, or large
Iakooeshmaish, Clothing in general
Tahquoe, or toohquoe, A metal button, or ear-ring
Wae, (Calling to one, perhaps) you
Weekeetateesh, Sparkling sand, which they
                                  sprinkle on their faces

Chauk, Water
Pacheetl, or pachatl, To give; give me
Haweelsth, or hawalth, Friendship; friend
Kleeseetl, To paint, or mark with a pencil
Abeetzle, To go away, or depart
Sheesookto, To remain, or abide
Seeaik, A stone weapon, with a square point
Suhyaik, A spear, pointed with bone
Taak, The wood of the depending pine
Luksheer, or luksheetl, To drink
Soochis, A tree, a wood
Haieeaipt, A broad leaf, shrub, or underwood
Tohumbeet, Variegated pine; silver pine
Atheu, The depending pine;
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