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Samsui soy 0 0 2-2/5 Teal 0 0 6-2/5 each.  Turtle 0 0 9-3/5 per catty.  Tea 0 2 0 Turmerick 0 0 2-2/5 Tamarinds 0 0 8 Vinegar 0 0 1-3/5 Vermicelli 0 0 3-1/5 Wax-candles 0 3 0 Walnuts 0 0 4-4/5 Wood 0 1 4 per pecul.  Water 0 6 8 per 100 barrels.

Rent of Poho Factory 400 0 0 per annum.
     of Lunsoon 316 13 4
Servant’s rice 0 8 0 per month. 
Ditto wages 0 19 2-1/5 do. for resiants.

Servant’s wages for the season     20
Steward’s wages                    80
Butler’s ditto                     80 per annum.

Prices of Labour.

A coolee, or porter 0 0 8 per day. 
A tailor 0 0 5 and rice. 
A handicraftsman 0 0 8
A common labourer, from 3d. to 5d. 
A woman’s labour considerably cheaper.

[104] It is scarcely necessary to inform any reader that Captain King here
    alludes to the American war, in which first the French and then the
    Spaniards took part against Great Britain.  The passage is certainly a
    very striking evidence of that enthusiasm which animates our gallant
    seamen in all corners of the globe, to feel and to fight for Old
    England; and perhaps to this spirit, as well as to his eminent
    professional abilities in other respects, we may ascribe Captain
    King’s appointment, not long after his return home, to the command of
    the Resistance man of war, sent on service to the West Indies.—­E.

[105] J’ai verifie moi-meme, avec plusieurs Chinois, la population
    de Canton, de la ville de Tartare, et de celie de Battaux,
    &c.—­Voyage aux Indes, &c. par M. Sonnerat, tom. ii. p. 14.

[106] A catty is 18 oz.—­A pecul 100 catty.


Leave the Typa.—­Orders of the Court of France respecting Captain Cook.—­ Resolutions in consequence thereof.—­Strike Soundings on the Macclesfield Banks.—­Pass Pulo Sapata.—­Steer for Pulo Condore.—­Anchor at Pulo Condore.—­Transactions during our Stay.—­Journey to the principal Town.—­ Receive a Visit from a Mandarin.—­Examine his Letters.—­Refreshments to be procured.—­Description, and present State of the Island.—­Its produce.—­An Assertion of M. Sonnerat refuted.—­Astronomical and Nautical Observations.

On the 12th of January, 1780, at noon, we unmoored, and scaled the guns, which, on board my ship, now amounted to ten; so that, by means of four additional ports, we could, if occasion required, fight seven on a side.  In like manner, the Resolution had increased the number of her guns from twelve to sixteen; and, in both ships, a stout barricade was carried round their upper works, and every other precaution taken to give our small force as respectable an appearance as possible.

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