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People divided into three Classes.  Power of Erreetaboo.  Genealogy of the Kings of Owhyhee and Mowee.  Power of the Chiefs.  State of the inferior Class.  Punishment of Crimes.  Religion.  Society of Priests.  The Orono.  Their Idols.  Songs chanted by the Chiefs, before they drink Ava.  Human Sacrifices.  Custom of Knocking out the fore Teeth.  Notions with regard to a future State.  Marriages.  Remarkable Instance of Jealousy.  Funeral Rites.

VI.  Transactions during the second Expedition to the North, by the way of
Kamtschatka; and on the Return Home by the way of Canton and the Cape of
Good Hope.

Sect.  I. Departure from Oneheeow.  Fruitless Attempt to discover Modoopapappa.  Course steered for Awatska Bay.  Occurrences during that Passage.  Sudden Change from Heat to Cold.  Distress occasioned by the Leaking of the Resolution.  View of the Coast of Kamtschatka.  Extreme Rigour of the Climate.  Lose Sight of the Discovery.  The Resolution enters the Bay of Awatska.  Prospect of the Town of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.  Party sent ashore.  Their Reception by the Commanding-Officer of the Port.  Message dispatched to the Commander at Bolcheretsk.  Arrival of the Discovery.  Return of the Messengers from the Commander.  Extraordinary mode of Travelling.  Visit from a Merchant and a German Servant belonging to the Commander.
II.  Scarcity of Provisions and Stores at the Harbour of Saint Peter and Saint Paul; A Party set out to visit the Commander at Bolcheretsk.  Passage up the River Awatska.  Account of their Reception by the Toion of Karatchin.  Description of Kamtschadale Dress.  Journey on Sledges.  Description of this Mode of Travelling.  Arrival at Natcheekin.  Account of Hot Springs.  Embark on Bolchoireka.  Reception at the Capital.  Generous and hospitable Conduct of the Commander and the Garrison.  Description of Bolcheretsk.  Presents from the Commander.  Russian and Kamtschadale Dancing.  Affecting Departure from Bolcheretsk.  Return to Saint Peter and Saint Paul’s, accompanied by Major Behm, who visits the Ship.  Generosity of the Sailors.  Dispatches sent by Major Behm to Petersburg.  His Departure and Character.
III.  Continuation of Transactions in the Harbour of St Peter and St Paul.  Abundance of Fish.  Death of a Seaman belonging to the Resolution.  The Russian Hospital put under the Care of the Ship’s Surgeons.  Supply of Flour and Cattle.  Celebration of the King’s Birth-day.  Difficulties in Sailing out of the Bay.  Eruption of a Volcano.  Steer to the Northward.  Cheepoonskoi Noss.  Errors of the Russian Charts.  Kamptschatskoi Noss.  Island of St. Laurence.  View, from the same Point, of the Coasts Asia and America, and the Islands of St. Diomede.  Various Attempts to get to the North, between the two Continents.  Obstructed by impenetrable Ice.  Sea-horses and White Bears killed.  Captain Clerke’s Determination and future Designs.
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