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though no longer space than eighteen years had since elapsed.  The memento of these two persons, equally skilled in the science of navigation, and who had both lost their lives in one of the most inhospitable quarters of the globe, could now be united in one monument; and, for this purpose, a durable pedestal of wood was erected as near as possible to the old tree, in order still to preserve the locality; and over this a pyramid; on one side of which, the plate, which La Perouse had engraved, was fastened; and on the opposite side, a copy of Captain Clerke’s escutcheon, made for the occasion by M. Tilesius.  On the other two sides were the following inscriptions, in Russian:  ’In the first voyage round the world, undertaken by the Russians, under the command of Captain Krusenstern, the officers of the ship Nadeshda erected this monument to the memory of the English captain, Clerke, on the 15th September 1805.’

    “And on the side facing the south:  ’Here rest the ashes of De Lisle de
    la Croyere, the astronomer attached to the expedition commanded by
    Commodore Behring, in the year 1741.’

“This monument was constructed under the direction of Lieutenant Ratmanoff; and his anxiety to complete it previous to our departure, made him overcome every difficulty in the way of such an undertaking in Kamtschatka.  It would have been an injustice in me not to have supported and contributed by all the means in my power to its completion; and as I gave them not only workmen, but also such materials as we had on board the ship, we had the satisfaction of seeing it entirely completed previous to our departure.  A deep ditch surrounded the whole; and, in order to screen it against any accidental injury, it was inclosed in a high paling, the door of which was to be kept constantly locked, and the key to remain in the hands of the governor of Saint Peter and Saint Paul.”
Every heart that is capable of humane emotions will respect this labour infinitely beyond either the magnitude or the importance of its effects, and will gladly applaud the virtuous sentiment that prompts generous minds, in defiance of the narrow and perishable distinction of name and nation, to reverence the kindred excellence and the common lot of their fellow creatures.—­E.

[41] Every reader will be pleased to learn, that Krusenstern bears ample
    testimony to the general accuracy of Captain King’s drawings and
    descriptions of the bay, &c.  This intimation is probably sufficient
    for most persons, without any special exemplification of the
    coincidences betwixt these two writers.—­F.


General Account of Kamtschatka.—­Geographical Description.—­Rivers.—­ Soil.—­Climate.—­Volcanoes.—­Hot Springs.—­Productions.—­Vegetables.—­ Animals.—­Birds.—­Fish.[42]

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