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to her, and left her trembling, when suddenly the woman took away her clinging hand, and flew forward with arms outspread and a cry of joy.  The little Pilgrim stood still to see, and on the path before them was a child, coming towards them singing, with a look such as is never seen but upon the faces of children who have come here early, and who behold the face of the Father, and have never known fear nor sorrow.  The woman flew and fell at the child’s feet, and he put his hand upon her, and raised her up, and called her “mother.”  Then he smiled upon the little Pilgrim, and led her away.

“Now she needs me no longer,” said the Pilgrim; and it was a surprise to her, and for a moment she wondered in herself if it was known that this child should come so suddenly and her work be over; and also how she was to return again to the sweet place among the flowers from which she had come.  But when she turned to look if there was any way, she found One standing by such as she had not yet seen.  This was a youth, with a face just touched with manhood, as at the moment when the boy ends, when all is still fresh and pure in the heart; but he was taller and greater than a man.

“I am sent,” he said, “little sister, to take you to the Father:  because you have been very faithful, and gone beyond your strength.”

And he took the little Pilgrim by the hand, and she knew he was an angel; and immediately the sweet air melted about them into light, and a hush came upon her of all thought and all sense, attending till she should receive the blessing, and her new name, and see what is beyond telling, and hear and understand:—­


When the little Pilgrim came out of the presence of the Father, she found herself in the street of a great city.  But what she saw and heard when she was with Him it is not given to the tongue of mortal to say, for it is beyond words, and beyond even thought.  As the mystery of love is not to be spoken but to be felt, even in the lower earth, so, but much less, is that great mystery of the love of the Father to be expressed in words.  The little Pilgrim was very happy when she went into that sacred place, but there was a great awe upon her, and it might even be said that she was afraid; but when she came out again she feared nothing, but looked with clear eyes upon all she saw, loving them, but no more overawed by them, having seen that which is above all.  When she came forth again to her common life—­for it is not permitted save for those who have attained the greatest heights to dwell there—­she had no longer need of any guide, but came alone, knowing where to go, and walking where it pleased her, with reverence and a great delight in seeing and knowing all that was around, but no fear.  It was a great city, but it was not like the great cities which she had seen.  She understood as she passed along how it was that those who had been dazzled but by

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