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served on a like occasion by some white people the last voyage I went to Jamaica, when I attempted (if it were the will of God) to be the means of converting the Indian prince; and I said I supposed they would serve me worse than Alexander the coppersmith did St. Paul, if I should attempt to go amongst them in Africa.  He told me not to fear, for he would apply to the Bishop of London to get me ordained.  On these terms I consented to the Governor’s proposal to go to Africa, in hope of doing good if possible amongst my countrymen; so, in order to have me sent out properly, we immediately wrote the following letters to the late Bishop of London: 

     To the Right Reverend Father in God,
          ROBERT, Lord Bishop of London
               The MEMORIAL of Gustavus Vassa


     That your memorialist is a native of Africa, and has a
     knowledge of the manners and customs of the inhabitants of
     that country.

     That your memorialist has resided in different parts of
     Europe for twenty-two years last past, and embraced the
     Christian faith in the year 1759.

That your memorialist is desirous of returning to Africa as a missionary, if encouraged by your Lordship, in hopes of being able to prevail upon his countrymen to become Christians; and your memorialist is the more induced to undertake the same, from the success that has attended the like undertakings when encouraged by the Portuguese through their different settlements on the coast of Africa, and also by the Dutch:  both governments encouraging the blacks, who, by their education are qualified to undertake the same, and are found more proper than European clergymen, unacquainted with the language and customs of the country.
Your memorialist’s only motive for soliciting the office of a missionary is, that he may be a means, under God, of reforming his countrymen and persuading them to embrace the Christian religion.  Therefore your memorialist humbly prays your Lordship’s encouragement and support in the undertaking.


At Mr. Guthrie’s, taylor,
No. 17, Hedge-lane.

My Lord,

I have resided near seven years on the coast of Africa, for most part of the time as commanding officer.  From the knowledge I have of the country and its inhabitants, I am inclined to think that the within plan will be attended with great success, if countenanced by your Lordship.  I beg leave further to represent to your Lordship, that the like attempts, when encouraged by other governments, have met with uncommon success; and at this very time I know a very respectable character a black priest at Cape Coast Castle.  I know the within named Gustavus Vassa, and believe him a moral good man.

I have the honour to be,
My Lord,
Your Lordship’s
Humble and obedient servant,

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