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my last voyage, which made a lasting impression on my mind, and, by the grace of God, proved afterwards a mercy to me; it caused me to reflect deeply on my eternal state, and to seek the Lord with full purpose of heart ere it was too late.  I rejoiced greatly; and heartily thanked the Lord for directing me to London, where I was determined to work out my own salvation, and in so doing procure a title to heaven, being the result of a mind blended by ignorance and sin.

In process of time I left my master, Doctor Irving, the purifier of waters, and lodged in Coventry-court, Haymarket, where I was continually oppressed and much concerned about the salvation of my soul, and was determined (in my own strength) to be a first-rate Christian.  I used every means for this purpose; and, not being able to find any person amongst my acquaintance that agreed with me in point of religion, or, in scripture language, ‘that would shew me any good;’ I was much dejected, and knew not where to seek relief; however, I first frequented the neighbouring churches, St. James’s, and others, two or three times a day, for many weeks:  still I came away dissatisfied; something was wanting that I could not obtain, and I really found more heartfelt relief in reading my bible at home than in attending the church; and, being resolved to be saved, I pursued other methods still.  First I went among the quakers, where the word of God was neither read or preached, so that I remained as much in the dark as ever.  I then searched into the Roman catholic principles, but was not in the least satisfied.  At length I had recourse to the Jews, which availed me nothing, for the fear of eternity daily harassed my mind, and I knew not where to seek shelter from the wrath to come.  However this was my conclusion, at all events, to read the four evangelists, and whatever sect or party I found adhering thereto such I would join.  Thus I went on heavily without any guide to direct me the way that leadeth to eternal life.  I asked different people questions about the manner of going to heaven, and was told different ways.  Here I was much staggered, and could not find any at that time more righteous than myself, or indeed so much inclined to devotion.  I thought we should not all be saved (this is agreeable to the holy scriptures), nor would all be damned.  I found none among the circle of my acquaintance that kept wholly the ten commandments.  So righteous was I in my own eyes, that I was convinced I excelled many of them in that point, by keeping eight out of ten; and finding those who in general termed themselves Christians not so honest or so good in their morals as the Turks, I really thought the Turks were in a safer way of salvation than my neighbours:  so that between hopes and fears I went on, and the chief comforts I enjoyed were in the musical French horn, which I then practised, and also dressing of hair.  Such was my situation some months, experiencing the dishonesty of many people

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