Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Henry Bibb, an American Slave, Written by Himself eBook

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Is this Christianity?  Is it honest or right?  Is it doing as we would be done by?  Is it in accordance with the principles of humanity or justice?

I believe slaveholding to be a sin against God and man under all circumstances.  I have no sympathy with the person or persons who tolerate and support the system willingly and knowingly, morally, religiously or politically.

Prayerfully and earnestly relying on the power of truth, and the aid of the divine providence, I trust that this little volume will bear some humble part in lighting up the path of freedom and revolutionizing public opinion upon this great subject.  And I here pledge myself, God being my helper, ever to contend for the natural equality of the human family, without regard to color, which is but fading matter, while mind makes the man.

NEW YORK CITY, May 1, 1849.



  Introduction. 1

  Author’s Preface. 12

  Chap.  I.—­
    Sketch of my Parentage, 15. 
    Early separation from my Mother, 15. 
    Hard Fare, 16. 
    First Experiments at running away, 16. 
    Earnest longing for Freedom, 17. 
    Abhorrent nature of Slavery, 18.

  Chap.  II.—­
    A fruitless effort for education, 19. 
    The Sabbath among Slaves, 19. 
    Degrading amusements, 19. 
    Why religion is rejected, 20. 
    Condition of poor white people, 20. 
    Superstition among slaves, 21. 
    Education forbidden, 25.

  Chap.  III.—­
    My Courtship and Marriage, 26. 
    Change of owner, 31. 
    My first born, 32. 
    Its sufferings, 32. 
    My wife abused, 33. 
    My own anguish, 33.

  Chap.  IV.—­
    My first adventure for liberty, 34. 
    Parting Scene, 34. 
    Journey up the river, 35. 
    Safe arrival in Cincinnati, 36. 
    Journey to Canada, 37. 
    Suffering from cold and hunger, 38. 
    Denied food and shelter by some, 38. 
    One noble exception, 38. 
    Subsequent success, 39. 
    Arrival at Perrysburgh, 39. 
    Obtain employment through the winter, 39. 
    My return to Kentucky to get my family, 40.

  Chap.  V—­
    My safe arrival at Kentucky, 41. 
    Surprise and delight to find my family, 41. 
    Plan for their escape, projected, 42. 
    Return to Cincinnati, 43. 
    My betrayal by traitors, 43. 
    Imprisonment in Covington, Kentucky, 45. 
    Return to slavery, 46. 
    Infamous proposal of the slave catchers, 47. 
    My reply, 47.

  Chap.  VI.—­
    Arrival at Louisville, Kentucky, 50. 
    Efforts to sell me, 50. 
    Fortunate escape from the man-stealers in the public street, 51. 
    I return to Bedford, Ky., 55. 
    The rescue of my family again attempted, 55. 
    I started alone expecting them to follow, 2. 
  After waiting some months I resolve to go back again to Kentucky, 57.

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