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When the boat arrived at Louisville, the day being too far spent for them to dispose of me, they had to put up at a Hotel.  When we left the boat, they were afraid of my bolting from them in the street, and to prevent this they took hold of my arms, one on each side of me, gallanting me up to the hotel with as much propriety as if I had been a white lady.  This was to deceive the people, and prevent my getting away from them.

They called for a bed-room to which I was conducted and locked within.  That night three of them lodged in the same room to guard me.  They locked the door and put the key under the head of their bed.  I could see no possible way for my escape without jumping out of a high three story house window.

It was almost impossible for me to sleep that night in my peculiar situation.  I passed the night in prayer to our Heavenly Father, asking that He would open to me even the smallest chance for escape.

The next morning after they had taken breakfast, four of them left me in the care of Dan Lane.  He was what might be called one of the watch dogs of Kentucky.  There was nothing too mean for him to do.  He never blushed to rob a slave mother of her children, no matter how young or small.  He was also celebrated for slave selling, kidnapping, and negro hunting.  He was well known in that region by the slaves as well as the slaveholders, to have all the qualifications necessary for his business.  He was a drunkard, a gambler, a profligate, and a slaveholder.

While the other four were looking around through the city for a purchaser, Dan was guarding me with his bowie knife and pistols.  After a while the others came in with two persons to buy me, but on seeing me they remarked that they thought I would run away, and asked me if I had ever run away.  Dan sprang to his feet and answered the question for me, by telling one of the most palpable falsehoods that ever came from the lips of a slaveholder.  He declared that I had never run away in my life!

Fortunately for me, Dan, while the others were away, became unwell; and from taking salts, or from some other cause, was compelled to leave his room.  Off he started to the horse stable which was located on one of the most public streets of Louisville, and of course I had to accompany him.  He gallanted me into the stable by the arm, and placed himself back in one of the horses stalls and ordered me to stand by until he was ready to come out.

At this time a thousand thoughts were flashing through my mind with regard to the propriety of trying the springs of my heels, which nature had so well adapted for taking the body out of danger, even in the most extraordinary emergencies.  I thought in the attempt to get away by running, if I should not succeed, it could make my condition no worse, for they could but sell me and this they were then trying to do.  These thoughts impelled me to keep edging towards the door, though very cautiously.  Dan kept looking

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