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But I would not attempt by any sophistry to misrepresent slavery in order to prove its dreadful wickedness.  For, I presume there are none who may read this narrative through, whether Christians or slaveholders, males or females, but what will admit it to be a system of the most high-handed oppression and tyranny that ever was tolerated by an enlightened nation.






Sketch of my Parentage.—­Early separation from my Mother.—­Hard Fare.—­First Experiments at running away.—­Earnest longing for Freedom.—­Abhorrent nature of Slavery.

I was born May 1815, of a slave mother, in Shelby County, Kentucky, and was claimed as the property of David White Esq.  He came into possession of my mother long before I was born.  I was brought up in the Counties of Shelby, Henry, Oldham, and Trimble.  Or, more correctly speaking, in the above counties, I may safely say, I was flogged up; for where I should have received moral, mental, and religious instruction, I received stripes without number, the object of which was to degrade and keep me in subordination.  I can truly say, that I drank deeply of the bitter cup of suffering and woe.  I have been dragged down to the lowest depths of human degradation and wretchedness, by Slaveholders.

My mother was known by the name of Milldred Jackson.  She is the mother of seven slaves only, all being sons, of whom I am the eldest.  She was also so fortunate or unfortunate, as to have some of what is called the slaveholding blood flowing in her veins.  I know not how much; but not enough to prevent her children though fathered by slaveholders, from being bought and sold in the slave markets of the South.  It is almost impossible for slaves to give a correct account of their male parentage.  All that I know about it is, that my mother informed me that my fathers name was JAMES BIBB.  He was doubtless one of the present Bibb family of Kentucky; but I have no personal knowledge of him at all, for he died before my recollection.

The first time I was separated from my mother, I was young and small.  I knew nothing of my condition then as a slave.  I was living with Mr. White, whose wife died and left him a widower with one little girl, who was said to be the legitimate owner of my mother, and all her children.  This girl was also my playmate when we were children.

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