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Old Jorrocks, after the noise had subsided, got on his legs, and with one hand rattling the five-shilling pieces in his breeches-pocket, and the thumb of the other thrust into the arm-hole of his waistcoat, thus began to address them.—­“Gentlemen,” said he, “I’m no orator, but I’m an honest man—­(hiccup)—­I feels werry (hiccup) much obliged to my excellent friend the Lord High Keeper (shouts of laughter), I begs his pardon—­my friend Mr. Juggins—­for the werry flattering compliment he has paid me in coupling my name (hiccup) with the Surrey fox’ounds—­a pack, I may say, without wanity (hiccup), second to none.  I’m a werry old member of the ’unt, and when I was a werry poor man (hiccup) I always did my best to support them (hiccup), and now that I’m a werry rich man (cheers) I shan’t do no otherwise.  About subscribing to the staggers, I doesn’t recollect saying nothing whatsomever about it (hiccup), but as I’m werry friendly to sporting in all its ramifications (hiccup), I’ll be werry happy to give ten pounds to your ’ounds.”—­Immense cheers followed this declaration, which lasted for some seconds.  When they had subsided, Jorrocks put his finger on his nose and, with a knowing wink of his eye, added:  “Prowided my friend the Lord High Keep—­I begs his pardon—­Juggins—­will give ten pounds to ours!”


“A muffin—­and the Post, sir,” said George to the Yorkshireman,—­on one of the fine fresh mornings that gently usher in the returning spring, and draw from the town-pent cits sighs for the verdure of the fields,—­as he placed the above mentioned articles on his usual breakfast table in the coffee-room of the “Piazza.”

With the calm deliberation of a man whose whole day is unoccupied, the Yorkshireman sweetened his tea, drew the muffin and a select dish of prawns to his elbow, and turning sideways to the table, crossed his legs and prepared to con the contents of the paper.  The first page as usual was full of advertisements.—­Sales by auction—­Favour of your vote and interest—­If the next of kin—­Reform your tailor’s bills—­Law—–­ Articled clerk—­An absolute reversion—­Pony phaeton—­Artificial teeth—­Messrs. Tattersall—­Brace of pointers—­Dog lost—­Boy found—­Great sacrifice—­No advance in coffee—­Matrimony—­A single gentleman—­Board and lodging in an airy situation—­To omnibus proprietors—­Steam to Leith and Hull—­Stationery—­Desirable investment for a small capital—­The fire reviver or lighter.

Then turning it over, his eye ranged over a whole meadow of type, consisting of the previous night’s debate, followed on by City news, Police reports, Fashionable arrivals and departures, Dinners given, Sporting intelligence, Newmarket Craven meeting.  “That’s more in my way,” said the Yorkshireman to himself as he laid down the paper and took a sip of his tea.  “I’ve a great mind to go, for I may just as well be at Newmarket

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