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“’One week after the date of my marriage with Miss Randall I promise to pay Gabriel Grimsby the sum of one thousand dollars for services rendered.’”

“There, how will that suit you?” he asked, “You’ll sign that, of course.  It’s just a little inducement to urge me to greater efforts.”

Donaster sat for some time in silence.  He seemed to be in deep thought, and his brows knitted with perplexity.

“Do you think you can find Miss Randall?” he at length asked.

“I have no doubt about it,” Grimsby replied.  “Leave that to me.”

“But I want you to do more than find her.”

“What do you mean?”

“Yes, you must do more than find her.  That will not be enough.  You must arrange matters in such a way that she will need help, see?”

“So you will be on hand to rescue her?” Grimsby smiled.  He was pleased at himself for his quick intuition.

“That’s just it.  You must arrange things in such a manner that she will think I am her rescuer from great peril.  Then, perhaps, she will look upon me with favour.  You see, I am not at all sure of her, even though she should be taken home.  I begin to doubt whether her parents will be able to induce her to marry me against her will.  Do you think you can help me?”

“Certainly; I have never been stuck yet.  Leave it to me.  I shall go up river to-morrow, so you hang around here, and when I need you I shall telephone.  Have an auto in readiness, and come like the wind when I phone.  But you must sign this paper first.”

“And you want one thousand dollars?  Isn’t that a large amount?”

“Large!  Why, man, I am astonished at myself for not asking more.  Unless you sign this, I shall not assist you.”

Seeing that Grimsby was determined, Donaster reluctantly signed the paper and handed it back.

“There, I hope you’re satisfied now,” he growled.

“I am.”  Grimsby smiled as he folded the paper, and put it away carefully in his pocket.  “Hope to goodness it won’t be long before I present it for payment.  Good night.  I must be off.”



The “Eb and Flo” had come through the falls at high tide, and was lying at one of the wharves above.  Eben was in great spirits.  He had taken the boat through the falls the day before, discharged the cargo, and had brought her safely back.  He had made this call for Gabriel Grimsby, who had arranged with him early that morning to take him up river.  As Eben sat upon deck, his hand at times slipped into the right pocket of his trousers and touched the crisp ten dollar bill Grimsby had paid him for his passage.  It was more money than he had ever had in his life, so he felt quite rich and important.  Just why Grimsby had given him that amount he did not know.  Neither did he care.  It was good to have so much, and he was happier than

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