A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume 11 eBook

Robert Kerr (writer)
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  I. Of the Equipment of the Squadron, and the Incidents relating to it,
  from its first Appointment to its setting Sail from St Helens,

  II.  The Passage from St Helens to the Island of Madeira, with a short
  Account of that Island, and of our Stay there,

  III.  History of the Spanish Squadron commanded by Don Joseph
  Pizarro, 236

  IV.  Passage from Madeira to St Catharines,

  V. Proceedings at St Catharines, and a Description of that Place, with
  a short Account of Brazil,

  VI.  The Run from St Catharines to Port St Julian; with some Account of
  the Port, and of the Country to the South of the Rio Plata,

  VII.  Departure from the Bay of St Julian, and Passage from thence to
  the Straits of Le Maire,

  VIII.  Course from the Straits of Le Maire to Cape Noir,

  IX.  Observations and Directions for facilitating the Passage of future
  Navigators round Cape Horn,

  X. Course from Cape Noir to the Island of Juan Fernandez,

  XI.  Arrival of the Centurion at Juan Fernandez, with a Description of
  that Island,

  XII.  Separate Arrivals of the Gloucester, and Anna Pink, at Juan
  Fernandez, and Transactions at that Island during the

  XIII.  Short Account of what befell the Anna Pink before she rejoined;
  with an Account of the Loss of the Wager, and the putting back of
  the Severn and Pearl,

  XIV.  Conclusion of Proceedings at Juan Fernandez, from the Arrival of
  the Anna Pink, to our final Departure from thence,

  XV.  Our Cruise, from leaving Juan Fernandez, to the taking of

  XVI.  Capture of Payta, and Proceedings at that Place,

  XVII.  Occurrences from our Departure from Payta to our Arrival
  at Quibo,

  XVIII.  Our Proceedings at Quibo, with an Account of the Place,

  XIX.  From Quibo to the Coast of Mexico,

  XX.  An Account of the Commerce carried on between the City of Manilla on
  the Island of Luconia, and the Port of Acapulco on the Coast of

  XXI.  Our Cruise off the Port of Acapulco for the Manilla Ship,

  XXII.  A short Account of Chequetan, and of the adjacent Coast and

  XXIII.  Account of Proceedings at Chequetan and on the adjacent Coast,
  till our setting sail for Asia,

  XXIV.  The Run from the Coast of Mexico to the Ladrones or Marian

  XXV.  Our Arrival at Tinian, and an Account of the Island, and of our
  Proceedings there, till the Centurion drove out to Sea,

  XXVI.  Transactions at Tinian after the Departure of the Centurion,

  XXVII.  Account of the Proceedings on board the Centurion when driven out
  to Sea,

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