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[Footnote 1:  Shelvocke who certainly ought to have known best, names the ship the Conception de Recova, and her commander Don Joseph Desorio.—­E.]

“When I was carried prisoner to Lima, I had sufficient leisure to reflect on my misfortunes, and how likely I was to be ruined and the owners cheated; wherefore, to prepare them to defend their just rights, I wrote to one of them the substance of what had occurred to me; how Shelvocke had mismanaged; how arbitrarily he had acted in defiance of their articles, and what were his private intentions in the latter part of the voyage.  As soon as I came to London, which was in October, 1721, I confirmed the report of my letter with several new circumstances; for all which performance of my duty, it is, as I suppose, that my name has met with so much reproach in Captain Shelvocke’s book.  But, besides my advices, the gentlemen owners had many proofs from prisoners and other people.  Eleven months after me, being August, 1722, Shelvocke himself arrived, and immediately waited on the gentlemen in the lump for all his transactions; not owning any thing of this prize, which he had unlawfully shared, with every thing else, among twenty-three of his men.  Instead of compromising the matter, the gentlemen read him a letter, secured him, and had him the same day confined in Wood-street Compter.  A few days after, his pupil, Stewart, arrived at Dover, and was seized by the honest warden of the castle, according to directions, securing also his book of accounts, and brought it along with the prisoner to the owners, from whom I had the book, and copied from it the following statement of the dividends:—­

Names.  Quality Number Dollars Eng.
                                  of Money. 

George Shelvocke     Captain       6      14,325        2642  10  0
Samuel Rundal        Lieutenant    2-1/2|
John Rainer          Cap.  Marines  2-1/2|
Blowfield Coldsea    Master        2-1/2|—–­4718        1100  17  4
Nicholas Adams       Surgeon       2-1/2|                  each
Mathew Stewart       First mate    2|
Monsieur La Porte    Second mate   2|
George Henshall      Boatswain     2|-------3775         880  16  8
Robert Davenport     Carpenter     2|                      each
William Clark        Gunner        2|
James Daniel         Midshipman    1-1/2|
David Griffith       Ditto         1-1/2|
Christopher Hawkins  Ditto         1-1/2|
Oliver Lefevre       Sail-maker    1-1/2|
John Doydge          Surgeon’s          |
mate          1-1/2|
William Morgan       Ditto         1-1/2|—–­2850         660   0  0
John Popplestone     Armourer      1-1/2|                  each
James Moyett         Cooper        1-1/2|
John Pearson         Carpenter’s   1-1/2|
mate               |
Geo. Shelvocke, jun.               1-1/2|
William Clement      Able seaman   1|
John Norris          Ditto         1|

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