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Chap.  XII.—­(Continued.)
  Voyage round the World, by Captain George Shelvocke, in 1719-1722,

  V. Voyage from California to Canton in China,

  VI.  Residence in China, and Voyage thence to

  VII.  Supplement to the foregoing Voyage,

  VIII.  Appendix to Shelvocke’s Voyage round the
  World.  Containing Observations on the
  Country and Inhabitants of Peru, by Captain

Introduction, Sec. 1.  Particulars of the Capture of the Mercury by the Spaniards, Sec. 2.  Observations made by Betagh in the North of Peru, Sec. 3.  Voyage from Payta to Lima, and Account of the English Prisoners at that Place, Sec. 4.  Description of Lima, and some Account of the Government of Peru, Sec. 5.  Some Account of the Mines of Peru and Chili, Sec. 6.  Observations on the Trade of Chili, Sec. 7.  Some Account of the French Interlopers in Chili, Sec. 8.  Return of Betagh to England,

Chap.  XIII.  Voyage round the World, by Commodore Roggewein, in 1721-1723


  I. Narrative of the Voyage from Holland to the Coast of Brazil,

  II.  Arrival in Brazil, with some Account of that Country,

  III.  Incidents during the Voyage from Brazil to Juan Fernandez, with a
  Description of that Island,

  IV.  Continuation of the Voyage from Juan Fernandez till the Shipwreck of
  the African Galley,

  V. Continuation of the Voyage after the Loss of the African, to the
  Arrival of Roggewein at New Britain,

  VI.  Description of New Britain, and farther Continuation of the Voyage
  till the Arrival of Roggewein at Java,

  VII.  Occurrences from their Arrival at the Island of Java, to the
  Confiscation of the Ships at Batavia,

  VIII.  Description of Batavia and the Island of Java, with some Account
  of the Government of the Dutch East-India Company’s Affairs,

  IX.  Description of Ceylon,

  X. Some Account of the Governments of Amboina, Banda, Macasser, the
  Moluccas, Mallacca, and the Cape of Good Hope,

  XI.  Account of the Directories of Coromandel, Surat, Bengal, and

  XII.  Account of the Commanderies of Malabar, Gallo, Java, and

  XIII.  Some Account of the Residences of Cheribon, Siam, and Mockha,

  XIV.  Of the Trade of the Dutch in Borneo and China,

  XV.  Of the Dutch Trade with Japan,

  XVI.  Account of the Colony of the Cape of Good Hope,

  XVII.  Voyage from the Cape of Good Hope to Holland, with some Account of
  St Helena, the Island of Ascension, and the Acores,

Chap.  XIV.  Voyage round the World, by Captain George Anson, in the Years 1740-1744,

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