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THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS AND WHAT ALICE FOUND THERE, a companion to “Alice in Wonderland,” with 50 illustrations by John Tenniel.

BUNYAN’S PILGRIM’S PROGRESS, with 50 full page and text illustrations.

A CHILD’S STORY OF THE BIBLE, with 72 full page illustrations.

A CHILD’S LIFE OF CHRIST, with 49 illustrations.  God has implanted in the infant heart a desire to hear of Jesus, and children are early attracted and sweetly riveted by the wonderful Story of the Master from the Manger to the Throne.

SWISS FAMILY ROBINSON, with 50 illustrations.  The father of the family tells the tale of the vicissitudes through which he and his wife and children pass, the wonderful discoveries made and dangers encountered.  The book is full of interest and instruction.

CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS AND THE DISCOVERY OF AMERICA, with 70 illustrations Every American boy and girl should be acquainted with the story of the life of the great discoverer, with its struggles, adventures, and trials.

THE STORY OF EXPLORATION AND DISCOVERY IN AFRICA, with 80 illustrations.  Records the experiences of adventures and discoveries in developing the “Dark Continent,” from the early days of Bruce and Mungo Park down to Livingstone and Stanley, and the heroes of our own times.  No present can be more acceptable than such a volume as this, where courage, intrepidity, resource, and devotion are so admirably mingled.

THE FABLES OF AESOP.  Compiled from the best accepted sources.  With 62 illustrations.  The fables of AEsop are among the very earliest compositions of this kind, and probably have never been surpassed for point and brevity.

GULLIVER’S TRAVELS.  Adapted for young readers.  With 50 illustrations.


LIVES OF THE PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES, by Prescott Holmes.  With portraits of the Presidents and also of the unsuccessful candidates for the office; as well as the ablest of the Cabinet officers.  It is just the book for intelligent boys, and it will help to make them intelligent and patriotic citizens.

THE STORY OF ADVENTURE IN THE FROZEN SEAS, with 70 illustrations.  By Prescott Holmes.  We have here brought together the records of the attempts to reach the North Pole.  The book shows how much can be accomplished by steady perseverance and indomitable pluck.

ILLUSTRATED NATURAL HISTORY, by the Rev. J.G.  Wood, with 80 illustrations.  This author has done more to popularize the study of natural history than any other writer.  The illustrations are striking and life-like.

A CHILD’S HISTORY OF ENGLAND, by Charles Dickens, with 50 illustrations.  Tired of listening to his children memorize the twaddle of old fashioned English history the author covered the ground in his own peculiar and happy style for his own children’s use.  When the work was published its success was instantaneous.

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