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  But though the compliment implied
  Inflates me with legitimate pride,
  It nevertheless can’t be denied
  That it has its inconvenient side. 
  For I’m not so old, and not so plain,
  And I’m quite prepared to marry again,
  But there’d be the deuce to pay in the Lords
  If I fell in love with one of my Wards: 
    Which rather tries my temper, for
    I’m such a susceptible Chancellor!

  And everyone who’d marry a Ward
  Must come to me for my accord: 
  So in my court I sit all day,
  Giving agreeable girls away,
  With one for him—­and one for he—­
  And one for you—­and one for ye—­
  And one for thou—­and one for thee—­
  But never, oh never a one for me! 
    Which is exasperating, for
    A highly susceptible Chancellor!


  Prithee, pretty maiden—­prithee, tell me true
    (Hey, but I’m doleful, willow, willow waly!)
  Have you e’er a lover a-dangling after you? 
      Hey, willow waly O! 
        I fain would discover
        If you have a lover? 
      Hey, willow waly O!

  Gentle sir, my heart is frolicsome and free—­
    (Hey but he’s doleful, willow, willow waly!)
  Nobody I care for comes a-courting me—­
      Hey, willow waly O! 
        Nobody I care for
        Comes a-courting—­therefore,
      Hey, willow waly O!

  Prithee, pretty maiden, will you marry me? 
    (Hey, but I’m hopeful, willow, willow waly!)
  I may say, at once, I’m a man of propertee
      Hey, willow waly O! 
        Money, I despise it,
        But many people prize it,
      Hey, willow waly O!

  Gentle sir, although to marry I design—­
    (Hey, but I’m hopeful, willow, willow waly!)
  As yet I do not know you, and so I must decline. 
      Hey, willow waly O! 
        To other maidens go you—­
        As yet I do not know you,
      Hey, willow waly O!


  Now, Jurymen, hear my advice—­
  All kinds of vulgar prejudice
    I pray you set aside: 
  With stern judicial frame of mind,
  From bias free of every kind,
    This trial must be tried!

  Oh, listen to the plaintiff’s case: 
  Observe the features of her face—­
    The broken-hearted bride! 
  Condole with her distress of mind: 
  From bias free of every kind,
    This trial must be tried!

  And when amid the plaintiff’s shrieks,
  The ruffianly defendant speaks—­
    Upon the other side;
  What he may say you needn’t mind—­
  From bias free of every kind,
    This trial must be tried!


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