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  The Turk he shyly bit his thumb,
    And coyly blushed like one half-witted,
  “The pain is in my little tum,”
    He, whispering, at length admitted.

  “Then take you this, and take you that—­
    Your blood flows sluggish in its channel—­
  You must get rid of all this fat,
    And wear my medicated flannel.

  “You’ll send for me, when you’re in need—­
    My name is Brown—­your life I’ve saved it!”
  “My rival!” shrieked the invalid,
    And drew a mighty sword and waved it.

  “This to thy weazand, Christian pest!”
    Aloud the Turk in frenzy yelled it,
  And drove right through the Doctor’s chest
    The sabre and the hand that held it.

  The blow was a decisive one,
    And Doctor Brown grew deadly pasty—­
  “Now see the mischief that you’ve done,—­
    You Turks are so extremely hasty.

  “There are two Doctor Browns in Hooe,
    He’s short and stout—­I’m tall and wizen;
  You’ve been and run the wrong one through,
    That’s how the error has arisen.”

  The accident was thus explained,
    Apologies were only heard now: 
  “At my mistake I’m really pained,
    I am, indeed, upon my word now.”

  “With me, sir, you shall be interred,
    A Mausoleum grand awaits me”—­
  “Oh, pray don’t say another word,
    I’m sure that more than compensates me.

  “But, p’r’aps, kind Turk, you’re full inside?”
    “There’s room,” said he, “for any number.” 
  And so they laid them down and died. 
    In proud Stamboul they sleep their slumber.




  He is an Englishman! 
        For he himself has said it,
        And it’s greatly to his credit,
  That he is an Englishman! 
        For he might have been a Roosian,
        A French, or Turk, or Proosian,
  Or perhaps Itali-an! 
        But in spite of all temptations,
        To belong to other nations,
  He remains an Englishman! 
  For the true born Englishman!


If you give me your attention, I will tell you what I am: 
I’m a genuine philanthropist—­all other kinds are sham. 
Each little fault of temper and each social defect
In my erring fellow creatures, I endeavor to correct. 
To all their little weaknesses I open people’s eyes
And little plans to snub the self-sufficient I devise;
I love my fellow creatures—­I do all the good I can—­
Yet everybody say I’m such a disagreeable man! 

                    And I can’t think why!

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