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The Theory of Multiple Sense Appeal is carefully applied.  Every avenue of approach has been taken—­the eye, the hand, the ear—­all are used to make the appeal broader and more interesting.  No sound psychological precept has been omitted.

The Horace Mann Readers have successfully combined all the approved methods of teaching reading.

The material is new and varied.  The books contain clear and vivid images, whole situations and self activity, which appeals to the child.  They also afford the teacher every possible suggestion and convenience in respect to method.

Daily Lesson Plans, the teacher’s manual for these readers, gives minute directions for each day’s lesson.



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“I like particularly the long story element.  I never did like ‘hash’ in a reading book.  I like also the narratives relative to our own great men, Lincoln, Webster, etc.  I like also the idea of developing related words from the same root, as you do in the last few pages.  This will tend to enable the child to increase his vocabulary independently of teacher.”—­E.M.  SHERRY, County Supt., Rolla, N.D.

“These readers deal with nature and subjects very near the hearts of children.  They are delighted with them.  The dramatic form also helps with the expression.  The illustrations are fine for language as well as reading.”—­Miss CARRIE J. RICHARDSON, Sheppard School, Philadelphia, Pa.

“An excellent set of books.  They are mechanically well made.  The material is well selected and very well arranged and graded.  They will certainly meet the approval of any who give them a careful examination.”—­A.R.  CHAPMAN, State Normal School, Terre Haute, Ind.

“I liked the Second Reader so much that I at once ordered copies for use in the Second Reader Class.  What I especially like is the fact that the little stories and poems are exactly adapted to the literary development of the children in the class.  They recite the poems and tell the stories, and altogether we are having a very good time.”—­Miss WINIFRED G. JONES, The Greenwich Academy, Greenwich, Conn.

“It is a pleasure to recommend the Horace Mann Readers. The books are full of interest, in keeping with the best results for teachers and pupils.  We enjoy them in our school, Troy’s largest Grammar School.”—­Miss ANNIE A. GREEN, Grammar School No. 14, Troy, N.Y.

“The Primer is a favorite with teacher and pupils.  The literary merit of the stories used is high.  The vocabulary is such as will open many books to the child, and the frequent repetition of words I consider excellent.”—­Miss ALICE M. JOHNSTON, Calhoun School, Minneapolis, Minn.

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