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Helen Stuart Campbell
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enlist sympathy for the cause of the oppressed working-women whose stories do their own pleading.—­Springfield Union.
It is good to see a new book by Helen Campbell.  She has written several for the cause of working-women, and now comes her latest and best work, called “Prisoners of Poverty,” on women wage-workers and their lives.  It is compiled from a series of papers written for the Sunday edition of a New York paper.  The author is well qualified to write on these topics, having personally investigated the horrible situation of a vast army of working-women in New York,—­a reflection of the same conditions that exist in all large cities.
It is glad tidings to hear that at last a voice is raised for the woman side of these great labor questions that are seething below the surface calm of society.  And it is well that one so eloquent and sympathetic as Helen Campbell has spoken in behalf of the victims and against the horrors, the injustices, and the crimes that have forced them into conditions of living—­if it can be called living—­that are worse than death.  It is painful to read of these terrors that exist so near our doors, but none the less necessary, for no person of mind or heart can thrust this knowledge aside.  It is the first step towards a solution of the labor complications, some of which have assumed foul shapes and colossal proportions, through ignorance, weakness, and wickedness.—­Hartford Times.

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  dishcloth, dish-cloth
  forcemeat, force-meat
  oilcloth, oil-cloth
  popovers, pop-overs
  schoolgirls, school-girls
  storeroom, store-room
  underdone, under-done
  underwear, under-wear

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  identital for identical
  cacoa-nut for cocoa-nut

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