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Helen Stuart Campbell
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father to give the information which his conscience prompted him to give, have a share in the development of the story.  Roger is obliged for the time to abandon his art work, and takes a situation in a mill; and this trying diversion from his purpose is his “probation.”  How he profits by this loss is shown in the result.  The mill-life gives Mrs. Campbell opportunity to express herself characteristically in behalf of down-trodden “labor.”  The whole story is simple, natural, sweet, and tender; and the figures of Connie, poor little cripple, and Miss Medora Flint, angular and snappish domestic, lend picturesqueness to its group of characters.—­Literary World.

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“Mrs. Helen Campbell has written ‘Miss Melinda’s Opportunity’ with a definite purpose in view, and this purpose will reveal itself to the eyes of all of its philanthropic readers.  The true aim of the story is to make life more real and pleasant to the young girls who spend the greater part of the day toiling in the busy stores of New York.  Just as in the ‘What-to-do Club’ the social level of village life was lifted several grades higher, so are the little friendly circles of shop-girls made to enlarge and form clubs in ’Miss Melinda’s Opportunity.’”—­Boston Herald.
“‘Miss Melinda’s Opportunity,’ a story by Helen Campbell, is in a somewhat lighter vein than are the earlier books of this clever author; but it is none the less interesting and none the less realistic.  The plot is unpretentious, and deals with the simplest and most conventional of themes; but the character-drawing is uncommonly strong, especially that of Miss Melinda, which is a remarkably vigorous and interesting transcript from real life, and highly finished to the slightest details.  There is much quiet humor in the book, and it is handled with skill and reserve.  Those who have been attracted to Mrs. Campbell’s other works will welcome the latest of them with pleasure and satisfaction.”—­Saturday Gazette.
“The best book that Helen Campbell has yet produced is her latest story, ‘Miss Melinda’s Opportunity,’ which is especially strong in character-drawing, and its life sketches are realistic and full of vigor, with a rich vein of humor running through them.  Miss Melinda is a dear lady of middle life, who has finally found her opportunity to do a great amount of good with her ample pecuniary means by helping those who have the disposition to help themselves.  The story of how some bright and energetic girls who had
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