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Helen Stuart Campbell
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One boiler for clothes, holding eight or ten gallons.—­Two dish-pans,—­one large, one medium-sized.—­One two-quart covered tin pail.—­One four-quart covered tin pail.—­Two thick tin four-quart saucepans.—­Two two-quart saucepans.—­Four measures, from one gill to a quart, and broad and low, rather than high.—­Three tin scoops of different sizes for flour, sugar, &c.—­Two pint and two half-pint molds for jellies.—­Two quart molds.—­One skimmer with long handle.—­One large and one small dipper.—­Four bread-pans, 10x4x4.—­Three jelly-cake tins.—­Six pie-plates.—­Two long biscuit-tins.—­One coffee-pot.—­One colander.—­One large grater.—­One nutmeg-grater.—­Two wire sieves; one ten inches across, the other four, and with tin sides.—­One flour-sifter.—­One fine jelly-strainer.—­One frying-basket.—­One Dover egg-beater.—­One wire egg-beater.—­One apple-corer.—­One pancake-turner.—­One set of spice-boxes, or a spice-caster.—­One pepper-box.—­One flour-dredger.—­One sugar-dredger.—­One biscuit-cutter.—­One potato-cutter.—­A dozen muffin-rings.—­Small tins for little cakes.—­One muffin-pan.—­One double milk-boiler, the inside boiler holding two quarts.—­One fish-boiler, which can also be used for hams.—­One deep bread-pan; a dish-pan is good, but must be kept for this.—­One steamer.—­One pudding-boiler.—­One cake-box.—­Six teaspoons.


One bread-board.—­One rolling-pin.—­One meat-board.—­One wash-board.—­One lemon-squeezer.—­One potato-masher.—­Two large spoons.—­One small one.—­Nest of wooden boxes for rice, tapioca, &c.—­Wooden pails for graham and corn meal.—­Chopping-tray.—­Water-pail.—­Scrubbing-pail.—­Wooden cover for flour-barrel.—­One board for cutting bread.—­One partitioned knife-box.


One pair of scales.—­One two-gallon pot with steamer to fit.—­One three-gallon soup-pot with close-fitting cover.—­One three-gallon porcelain-lined kettle, to be kept only for preserving.—­One four or six quart one, for apple sauce, &c.—­One tea-kettle.—­One large and one small frying-pan.—­Two Russia or sheet iron dripping-pans; one large enough for a large turkey.—­Two gem-pans with deep cups.—­Two long-handled spoons.—­Two spoons with shorter handles.—­One large meat-fork.—­One meat-saw.—­One cleaver.—­One griddle.—­One wire broiler.—­One toaster.—­One waffle-iron.—­One can-opener.—­Three pairs of common knives and forks.—­One small Scotch or frying kettle.—­One chopping-knife.—­One meat-knife.—­One bread-knife.—­One set of skewers.—­Trussing-needles.


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