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One quart of milk; one cup of sifted corn meal; one cup of molasses (not “sirup"); one teaspoonful of salt.

Stir meal, salt, and molasses together.  Boil the milk, and add slowly.  Butter a pudding-dish, and pour in the mixture; adding, after it is set in the oven, one cup of cold milk poured over the top.  Bake three hours in a moderate oven.

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One quart of milk; four eggs; one teacup of sugar; half a teaspoonful of salt; nutmeg.

Boil the milk.  Beat the eggs very light, and add the sugar and salt.  Pour on the milk very slowly, stirring constantly.  Bake in a pudding-dish or in cups.  If in cups, set them in a baking-pan, and half fill it with boiling water.  Grate nutmeg over each.  The secret of a good custard is in slow baking and the most careful watching.  Test often with a knife-blade, and do not bake an instant after the blade comes out smooth and clean.  To be eaten cold.  Six eggs are generally used; but four are plenty.


One quart of milk; three or four eggs; one cup of sugar; one teaspoonful of vanilla; half a teaspoonful of salt; one teaspoonful of corn-starch.

Boil the milk.  Dissolve the corn-starch in a little cold water, and boil in the milk five minutes.  It prevents the custard from curdling, which otherwise it is very apt to do.  Beat the eggs and sugar well together, stir into the milk, and add the salt and flavoring.  Take at once from the fire, and, when cool, pour either into a large glass dish, covering with a meringue of the whites, or into small glasses with a little jelly or jam at the bottom of each.  Or the whites can be used in making an apple-float, as below, and the yolks for the custard.

For Cocoanut Custard add a cup of grated cocoanut; for Chocolate, two tablespoonfuls of grated chocolate dissolved in half a cup of boiling water.


Make a boiled custard as directed.  Half fill a deep dish with any light, stale cake.  Add to a teacup of wine a teacup of boiling water, and pour over it.  Add the custard just before serving.


Six good, acid apples stewed and strained.  When cold, add a teacupful of sugar, half a teaspoonful of vanilla, and the beaten whites of three or four eggs.  Serve at once.


One quart of milk; one cup of sugar; half a package of gelatine; half a teaspoonful of salt; a teaspoonful of any essence liked.

Soak the gelatine ten minutes in half a cup of cold water.  Boil the milk, and add gelatine and the other ingredients.  Strain into molds, and let it stand in a cold place all night to harden.  For chocolate blancmange add two tablespoonfuls of scraped chocolate dissolved in a little boiling water.

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