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One pound of flour; one pound of sugar; half a pound of butter; one teacup of milk; six eggs; one teaspoonful of baking powder; one grated nutmeg.

Cream the butter; add first sugar, then beaten yolks of eggs and milk, then whites of eggs beaten to a stiff froth, and last the flour.  Bake forty-five minutes in a large dripping-pan, sifting fine sugar over the top, and cut in small squares; or it may be baked in one round loaf, and frosted on the bottom, or in small tins.  Half a pound of citron cut fine is often added.


Half a cup of butter; a heaping cupful of powdered sugar; two cups of flour, with a teaspoonful of baking powder sifted in; half a cup of milk; whites of six eggs; one teaspoonful of almond extract.

Cream the butter, and add the flour, beating till it is a smooth paste.  Beat the whites to a stiff froth, and add the sugar and essence.  Now mix both quickly, and bake in a sheet about an inch and a half thick.  About half an hour will be needed.  Frost while hot, with one white of egg, beaten ten minutes with a small cup of sifted powdered sugar, and juice of half a lemon.  This frosting hardens very quickly.  Before it is quite hard, divide it into oblong or square pieces, scoring at intervals with the back of a large knife.  The milk can be omitted if a richer cake is wanted.  It may also be baked in jelly-cake tins; one small cocoanut grated, and mixed with one cup of sugar, and spread between, and the whole frosted.  Or beat the white of an egg with one cup of sugar, and the juice of one large or two small oranges, and spread between.  Either form is delicious.


One cup of sugar; half a cup of butter; two cups of flour; yolks of six eggs; grated rind and juice of a lemon or orange; half a teaspoonful of soda, mixed with the flour, and sifted twice.

Cream the butter; add the sugar, then the beaten yolks and the flour, beating hard for several minutes.  Last, add the lemon or orange juice, and bake like silver cake; frosting, if liked.  If frosting is made for either or both cakes, the extra yolks may be used in making this one, eight being still nicer than six.


Two cups or a pint-bowlful of raised dough ready for baking; one cup of butter; two cups of sugar; one teaspoonful of ground cinnamon, or half a nutmeg grated; three eggs; one teaspoonful of soda in quarter of a cup of warm water, and half a cup of flour.

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