The Easiest Way in Housekeeping and Cooking eBook

Helen Stuart Campbell
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Stock and seasoning 119
soups 122
fish 131
meats 144
poultry 161
sauces and salads 173
eggs and breakfast dishes 180
tea, coffee, &C 193
vegetables 197
bread and breakfast cakes 208
cake 221
pastry and pies 232
puddings, boiled and baked 238
custards, creams, jellies, &C 245
canning and preserving 252
pickles and catchups 257
candies 259
sick-room cookery 261
household hints 270
hints to teachers 280
lessons for practice class 282
twenty topics for class use 285
list of authorities referred to 286
examination questions 287
bibliography 288
Index 289


That room or toleration for another “cook-book” can exist in the public mind, will be denied at once, with all the vigor to be expected from a people overrun with cook-books, and only anxious to relegate the majority of them to their proper place as trunk-linings and kindling-material.  The minority, admirable in plan and execution, and elaborate enough to serve all republican purposes, are surely sufficient for all the needs that have been or may be.  With Mrs. Cornelius and Miss Parloa, Marion Harland and Mrs. Whitney, and innumerable other trustworthy authorities, for all every-day purposes, and Mrs. Henderson for such festivity as we may at times desire to make, another word is not only superfluous but absurd; in fact, an outrage on common sense, not for one instant to be justified.

Such was my own attitude and such my language hardly a year ago; yet that short space of time has shown me, that, whether the public admit the claim, or no, one more cook-book must be.  And this is why:—­

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