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Negro Americans, 1907. 
  No. 13. The Negro American Family, 1908. 
  No. 14. Efforts for Social Betterment among Negro Americans, 1909. 
  No. 15. The College Bred Negro American, 1910. 
  No. 16. The Common School and the Negro American, 1911. 
  No. 17. The Negro American Artisan, 1912. 
  No. 18. Morals and Manners among Negro Americans, 1913.

G.W.  Cable:  _The Silent South_, etc., 1885.

J.R.  Lynch:  _The Facts of Reconstruction_, 1913.

J.T.  Wilson:  _The Black Phalanx_, 1897.

William Goodell:  Slavery and Anti-Slavery, 1852.

G.S.  Merriam:  The Negro and the Nation, 1906.

A.B.  Hart:  The Southern South, 1910.

G.  Livermore:  _An Historical Research respecting the Opinions of the Founders of the Republic on Negroes_, etc., 1862.

Hartshorn and Penniman:  An Era of Progress and Promise, 1910 (profusely illustrated).

James Brewster:  _Sketches of Southern Mystery, Treason, and Murder_.

Willcox and DuBois:  Negroes in the United States (United States Census of 1900, Bulletin No. 8).


J.S.  Keltie:  _The Partition of Africa_, 2d ed., 1895.

B.T.  Washington:  The Future of the Negro.

W.E.B.  DuBois:  “The Future of the Negro Race in America” (East and West,
Vol.  II, No. 5).

——­ Souls of Black Folk, 1913.

——­ Quest of the Silver Fleece.

Alexander Crummell:  The Future of Africa, 2d ed., 1862.

Casely Hayford:  _Ethiopia Unbound_, 1911.

Kelly Miller:  Out of the House of Bondage, 1914.

——­ Race Adjustment, 1908.

J.  Royce:  _Race Questions_, etc., 1908.

R.S.  Baker:  _Following the Color Line_, 1908.

N.S.  Shaler:  The Neighbor.

E.D.  Morel:  “Free Labor in Tropical Africa” (Nineteenth Century and
, 1914).

(See also Finot, Boas, Inter-Racial Problems, and White’s Development of Africa.)

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