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J. Bryce:  South America, etc., 1912.

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——­ The Story of the Negro, 2 vols., 1909.

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*_Life and Times of Frederick Douglass_, revised edition, 1892.

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——­ John Brown.

——­ The Philadelphia Negro, 1899.

W.E.B.  DuBois:  “Reconstruction and its Benefits” (American Historical
, Vol.  XV, No. 4).

——­ editor, The Crisis:  A Record of the Darker Races, monthly, 1910.

——­ editor, The Atlanta University Studies: 
  No. 1. Mortality Among Negroes in Cities, 1896. 
  No. 2. Social and Physical Conditions of Negroes in Cities, 1897. 
  No. 3. Some Efforts of Negroes for Social Betterment, 1898. 
  No. 4. The Negro in Business, 1899. 
  No. 5. The College Bred Negro, 1900. 
  No. 6. The Negro Common School, 1901. 
  No. 7. The Negro Artisan, 1902. 
  No. 8. The Negro Church, 1903. 
  No. 9. Notes on Negro Crime, 1904. 
  No. 10. A Select Bibliography of the Negro American, 1905. 
  No. 11. Health and Physique of the Negro American, 1906. 
  No. 12. Economic Co-operation among

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