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Or in actual numbers:  1850, 405,751 mulattoes. 1860, 588,352 mulattoes. 1870, 585,601 mulattoes. 1890, 1,132,060 mulattoes. 1910, 2,050,686 mulattoes.

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[93] “Obi (Obeah, Obiah, or Obia) is the adjective; Obe or Obi, the noun.  It is of African origin, probably connected with Egyptian Ob, Aub, or Obron, meaning ‘serpent.’  Moses forbids Israelites ever to consult the demon Ob, i.e., ‘Charmer, Wizard.’  The Witch of Endor is called Oub or Ob.  Oubaois is the name of the Baselisk or Royal Serpent, emblem of the Sun, and, according to Horus Appollo, ‘the Ancient Deity of Africa.’”—­Edwards:  West Indies, ed. 1819, II. 106-119.  Cf.  Johnston:  Negro in the New World, pp. 65-66; also Atlanta University Publications, No. 8, pp. 5-6.

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[109] Reconstruction Constitutions, practically unaltered, were kept in Florida, 1868-85, seventeen years; Virginia, 1870-1902, thirty-two years; South Carolina, 1868-95, twenty-seven years; Mississippi, 1868-90, twenty-two years.


It is impossible to separate the population of the world accurately by race, since that is no scientific criterion by which to divide races.  If we divide the world, however, roughly into African Negroes and Negroids, European whites, and Asiatic and American brown and yellow peoples, we have approximately 150,000,000 Negroes, 500,000,000 whites, and 900,000,000 yellow and brown peoples.  Of the 150,000,000 Negroes, 121,000,000 live in Africa, 27,000,000[110] in the new world, and 2,000,000 in Asia.

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